See Something Say Something


The United States Department of Homeland Security encourages citizens to be alert and to report suspicious activity whenever it is observed.  The "See Something, Say Something" campaign is intended to make the possibility of a terrorist attack more difficult by encouraging all citizens to use their eyes and ears to protect communities throughout the country.

It may be difficult to determine when to report something suspicious. People most familiar with a given environment are in the best position to determine whether or not something is out of the ordinary. Use common sense and follow these simple guidelines:

Trust your instincts; if something feels wrong, don't ignore it

  • Never assume that someone else has already reported it
  • Call 911
  • Keep your distance-Never approach a suspicious person, situation or package

When you make a report, be ready to provide your name, your location, a description of what you think is suspicious and the time you saw it. Remember, let the professionals assess the situation and to make the determination as to whether the situation is a real threat or just an honest mistake.

If you do not know your local police departments phone number, just dial 911.