Physician Detailing

The Detroit Health Department uses principles of academic detailing to increase provider awareness and prescribing of safe and evidence-based methods to prevent HIV.

Academic detailing is a form of provider education and outreach that leverages one-on-on opportunities to discuss a doctor’s current practices, review new or updated clinical recommendations, and answer real-time questions or concerns.


Any providers in Detroit, Hamtramck, or Highland Park can schedule a 15-minute session with our HIV Physician Detailer to learn more about the latest HIV prevention recommendations.



Key HIV prevention messages during detailing sessions include:

  • Taking a thorough sexual history as a part of comprehensive medical care
  • Screening and treating sexually active patients for STDs
  • Prescribing pre-exposures prophylaxis (PrEP)

Sexual History Basics

Taking a thorough, culturally appropriate sexual history as a routine part of medical allows clinicians to assess HIV risk and identify screening and treatment opportunities in sexually active patients.

The 5 P’s of a sexual history:

  • Partners: Who do you have sex with (i.e. men, women, both, non-binary, trans, etc.)?
  • Practices: What types of sex have you had? Do you top or bottom?
  • Protection: Do you use condoms? Do you get tested? How do you prevent STDs?
  • Past: Have you ever had an STI?
  • Pregnancy: Do you have plans to conceive or father a child?

Additional Resources:

Screening and Treatment Guidelines

Testing for STDs may be indicated by symptoms or a sexual history evaluation. The Detroit Health Department recommends that providers adhere to the latest screening and treatment guidelines from CDC.

STDs are a required reportable condition, and should be reported to DHD within 24 hours using the MI Disease Surveillance System or these forms.

Prescribing Basics for PrEP

Pre-exposure prophylaxis, also known as PrEP, is a once daily pill that can be taken by people who are HIV negative to prevent HIV infection.

It is safe and can reduce risk of HIV by more than 90% when taken regularly.


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