Resources for Community Members

Here are the resources needed for us to end the HIV epidemic.  

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Community Members Resources

  • PLWH: Person Living with HIV 
  • PrEP: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis  
  • PEP: Post-Exposure Prophylaxis  
  • nPEP: Non-Occupational Post-Exposure Prophylaxis  
  • U=U: Undetectable = Untransmittable  
  • LGBTQ+: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer 
  • Tx: Treatment 
  • ART: Antiretroviral Therapy 
  • You can order condoms from the Detroit Health Department by clicking here.  
  • The Detroit Health Department is excited to offer home HIV test kits free to residents of Detroit, Highland Park, and Hamtramck. You can order at-home HIV tests by clicking here.  
  • For more information, click here



  • To access the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Ryan White program overview, click here.  
  • Connects people living with HIV to medical and non-medical services.  
  • Link-Up is FREE, confidential, and voluntary.  
  • They assist individuals living with HIV in Metro Detroit who are not currently accessing HIV care or feel that they need additional support to continue taking their HIV medication.  
  • They provide each individual short-term, intensive support through referrals to existing community support programs and/or engagement with an HIV medical provider. 
  • To learn more, go to their website  
  • Do you live outside Detroit? Find out more about HIV services available throughout Michigan at 
  • To go to the calendar and list of partners participating in the mobile health initiative at Palmer Park, click here.  
  • The Pull Up Project’s mission is to provide non-traditional access to HIV/STI services through a status neutral approach to meet the unique needs of the community.  
  • The Pull Up Project will provide a status-neutral approach to HIV prevention and care services including:  
    • gender-affirming care  
    • supportive services  
    • mental health  
    • substance use treatment referrals  
    • case management services for LGBTQ+ persons  
  • Their vision is to modernize the approach to HIV/STI Prevention in ways that would remove barriers that hinder the response to immediate care and expand the health and wellness of the community.  
  • Services provided:  
    • HIV testing, with same day results  
    • STI testing  
    • Safe sex supplies (condoms, lube, etc.)  
    • Community outreach  
    • Harm Reduction  
    • SSP (Syringe Services Program)  
    • Wellness Screenings 

To access the HOPWA 2022 brochure, click here.  
Housing resources database available at



Housing resources database available at