Route Updates


On Saturday, March 25, from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. the funeral for Lt. Fred Bowens will be held at Perfecting Church, 7616 Nevada. Reroute is as follows:

52-Chene Northbound: From regular route to left on Sherwood, to right on Seven Mile, to right on Van Dyke, to right on Varjo, to continue as normal.

52-Chene Southbound: No detours.



Sunday, March 26, the Marche du Nain Rouge celebration and parade will take place in the area of Second and Canfield, heading south on Second to Temple, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Detours are as follows:

23-Hamilton Southbound: From Third, to right on Temple, to left on Fourth, to left on Grand River, to Rosa Parks Transit Center, to continue as normal.

23-Hamilton Northbound: From Cass, to left on Middle, to right on Grand River, to right on Temple, to left on Third, to continue as normal.

42-Mid-City Loop Clockwise: From Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.,  to right on Cass, to left on W. Grand Blvd., to continue as normal.



From Monday, March 20, through April 17, 2023, MDOT will be working on northbound Second Ave. on the bridge over I-94. Reroute is as follows:

23-Hamilton Northbound and 42-Mid-City Loop: From Anthony Wayne Drive, to right on Palmer, to left Woodward, to left on Burroughs, to right on Second, to continue as normal.

23-Hamilton Southbound: No detours.



As construction continues on the new State Fair Transit Center in the area of Woodward Avenue and Eight Mile Road, the current transit hub has been moved approximately 500 feet north on Woodward Avenue to an existing parking lot. Bus shelters and directional signage will be added to the area for passenger layovers and for ease of navigation. DDOT routes impacted by the construction are 4-Woodward, 12-Conant, 17-Eight Mile, 30-Livernois, and 54-Wyoming.

The location change will not affect service. Riders transferring buses will still be able to complete their transfers as normal. Riders who walk or take other transportation will use the new location, which is about a two-minute walk north on Woodward.