Roadway Safety and Multimodal Planning

Road diets and changes to roadway design

Detroit’s roads were built for much larger populations than exists today, which leaves the City with wide, underutilized thoroughfares. Wide roads with few cars has led to excessive speeding and high pedestrian and bicycle fatality rates. As the City of Detroit looks to improve roadway safety, road diets and changes to roadway design can make substantial improvements towards safer roads for all users.

The City of Detroit is currently improving:

East Jefferson Lanes



Conner and Warren Redesign



Conner and Warren Timelines



Conner and Warren Road Markings




Recently Completed Projects:

Cass Avenue
Michigan Avenue

How can I get involved?

Invite the City to conduct outreach with a group you organize.
If you or someone you know organizes a group (e.g. a block club), the City will gladly attend your meeting to discuss changes to any of the streets listed above with your group. To make an appointment, submit your request to:

See Also

The City of Detroit uses FHWA and NACTO for guidance on streetscape redesign for improved safety.

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