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Business Personal Property FAQ's

What is business personal property tax?

Business Personal Property is the equipment used for operating a business that is not real estate. General explanation – the Michigan Constitution provides for the assessment of all real and tangible business personal property not exempted by law. 

What are examples of business personal property?

Examples of business personal property include furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment, office and electronic equipment, computer equipment, coin operated equipment and etc.  Rental equipment, as well as, certain leasehold improvements that are not part of real property. This list is not inclusive.

Where do I get a Business Personal Property Statement?

The Assessor sends the statements/exemption forms out the first part of January each year. They are sent to taxpayers that have an operating business within the City of Detroit. If you do not receive a statement but have assessable business personal property you are still required to file. Forms are available at the Detroit Taxpayer Service Center (DTSC) in suite 130  and in the Forms Library outside of suite 130.  Taxpayers can also access the forms via the links listed on the Office of the Assessor’s website (www.detroitmi.gov). The forms are also available on the State of Michigan website: www.michigan.gov/treasury .

Taxpayers can also email [email protected] if they have any  questions or to request statements.

When is the Business Personal Property Statement/Exemption deadline?

The statutory due date for filing a business personal property statement is February 20th of each year. If you had assessable business personal property on December 31st of the preceding year, you are required to complete and submit a business personal property statement and/or personal property exemption form on or before this due date.