Greater Warren Conner Framework FAQ

What topics will the planning study consider?

PDD in partnership with the consultant team, and neighborhood residents will determine what topics can be addressed in the Neighborhood Framework recommendations. Areas already being considered or reviewed per the recommendations received during the COO meetings are:  

  • Neighborhood Stabilization  
  • Safe Routes to Schools  
  • Public Health and Environmental Quality  
  • Indoor Air Quality  
  • Home Ownership Assistance  
  • Assistance and Resources for Non-profits  
  • Improve Technology Access and Infrastructure  
  • Flooding and Sewage back-ups, Green Stormwater Infrastructure  
Is there funding for implementation and how will the funds be used?

The use of the $800k implementation funds will be determined during community outreach and engagement meetings and guided by the priorities expressed by residents within the planning boundaries. Once we have recommendations, we will explore additional funding opportunities from federal, state, governmental, and private sources that can support the neighborhood framework goals.  

What are the planning boundaries?

The planning boundaries are from McClellan (on the west) to Alter Rd (on the east); I-94 (on the north) and Mack Ave. / E. Vernor Hwy) on the south.  The study area is completely within City Council District 4 and includes Chandler Park, Chandler - Chalmers, Fox Creek, part of Riverbend, and East Canfield Village neighborhoods.  

Who are the consultant teams? What expertise do the consultant teams bring to the project? How are the consultant teams selected?
  • Consultant teams are selected by responding to an RFP (request for proposal), which is a document that announces a project plan and solicits bids to complete the project. Consultant teams go through a ranking process that considers technical expertise with the required responsibilities, locality, and qualifications outlined in the RFP. The RFP was released in May 2022. 
  • The consultants are an integral part of the planning process and will be deeply involved in engagement with residents and stakeholders.
  • The Greater Warren/Conner Neighborhood Framework Plan is being led by the City of Detroit Planning and Development Department with assistance from a 100% Detroit-based consultant team. The consultant team is led by OHM Advisors and includes livingLAB, Woods & Watts Effect, Spalding DeDecker, and JUMI Consulting Group. Each firm is highly experienced in working on neighborhood planning, park design, engineering services, and public engagement throughout the City of Detroit. They are committed to improving Detroit for all residents through thoughtful, feasible, and community-driven recommendations. To learn more about each team member, visit their websites below:

OHM Advisors -

livingLAB -

Woods & Watts Effect -

Spalding DeDecker -

JUMI Consulting Group -

What community engagement activities can I participate in?

Community Stakeholders: PDD will facilitate multiple opportunities for community stakeholders and residents to meet the consultant team, learn about their expertise and provide their feedback. The planning team will host canvassing, information stations, town-halls, and digital outreach that residents can help with getting the word out.  Please stay in touch by signing up to the email list and invite us to meet your group!