Who are CORE Members?

CORE is a voluntary advisory Committee to the Chief of Police. CORE consists of DPD non-sworn and sworn members and should minimally be a member in good standing.  These individuals are committed to advancing the work in diversity, equity, and inclusion in both Detroit Police Department and the community they serve.

What does CORE do?

CORE acts as an advisory Committee to the Chief of Police, and as a resource for Detroit Police Department members to voice their concerns regarding what they or others perceive as discriminatory treatment and/or practices based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or gender identity.

CORE is not a substitute for formal filing procedures.  CORE will maintain the confidentiality of the Detroit Police Department members (sworn and civilians) who come forward to disclose issue(s) and concerns -unless the information disclosed is considered to be criminal in nature.

Additionally, CORE will collaborate with the Offices of Neighborhood Policing, Internal and External Affairs, and other offices and departments  to build trust and promote collaboration through public outreach and internal initiatives.   

Sub Committees:


  • Training:  CORE will create training opportunities for the Detroit Police Department members on various topics which enhance the work of members.
  • Logistics, Marketing, and Events:  Plan and manage Events which help build trust internally while strengthening the relationship with the Community.
  • Complaints/Concerns:  Will address concerns and complaints of perceived discrimination within the Department while addressing policy related issues.
  • Fundraising/Treasury:  Collaborate with Community Partners to raise funds in order to support CORE initiatives and activities.

All committees are subject to change upon need.

Where and when do CORE meet?

CORE members as a full body meet online or in-person once a month. The individual committees will gather throughout the month, as needed.

How do I join?

DPD members who meet the qualifications can submit the application online, in-person or send it by email.