Covid-19 Policies / Procedures

All policies regarding Covid-19 safe workplace can be accessed by accessing this link.

All employees who report to their City of Detroit office or worksite must complete, daily screening before reporting to the office or worksite by access this link, completing and submitting the daily screening.

Access this link to view Covid-19 Safe Workplace Policy. Please note your department may have policies specific to your department / office, please contact your supervisor for details

COVID Testing: Weekly / Random / One Time tests (CAYMC and Walker Williams Rec. Center)

• Weekly and random testing: The MWF (Monday / Wednesday / Friday) COVID Testing days at CAYMC are only for the weekly and random testing. If you are being tested weekly or tested randomly you can request your test site is at CAYMC when the scheduler calls you. The call back number for weekly and random scheduling is 313-251-4488.

• One time tests / Return to work from FMLA, Leave of absence, from telework: One time tests and return to work tests are generally scheduled at Walker Williams. The number for City employees to call is 313-426-7997 (Mention that you are a City of Detroit Employee).

You may also contact your department designee or employee service consultant to schedule your COVID test. Alternatively, you may schedule the test on your own outside of City of Detroit, if you do so, please email or provide your result to your Employee Service Consultant.

Call 313-230-0505 to schedule vaccination and tell them you are a City of Detroit Employee.

Access this link to complete Vaccination Disclosure form online, please attach a copy of your vaccination card on this online form.

Alternatively, you may visit Employee Services office at CAYMC, Suite 316, 3rd Floor to complete the vaccination disclosure form. This form asks for employees to report that they have received the COVID-19 Vaccine. This is a HIPAA compliant request supported by the Department of Labor.

As we return employees to the workplace we will be scheduling weekly testing for un-vaccinated employees.

The data received through the form will be used for the purposes of assessing our workforce uptake of the vaccine and decision-making with respect to the use of other safety measures in the future.

If you have any questions about the collection or use of the information, please contact your Employee Services Consultant

Stay home, do not report to the office. Inform your Supervisor, Employee Service Consultant (or) Call 313-224-3725 and ask to speak with your Employee Services Consultant. Employee Handout on exposure can be accessed at

If you have been working remotely or on a leave of absence, you must have a negative COVID test result before you can report to the office, worksite. Please access this link for more detailed information on Safe workplace policies and return to work instructions ;

Policy can be accessed by accessing this link,

In addition you must also access and complete the Return to work policy and training.

Power DMS user guide can be accessed at this link