Job Vacancies

I Do Not Have Access To a Computer And/Or The Internet. How Do I Apply For A City Of Detroit Job Vacancy?

Please visit for a complete listing of libraries in your area with free public access computers and internet. You can also contact your local Michigan Works! Office The Michigan Civil Service Commission Employment Information & Career Planning Services offices in Detroit can offer assistance as well.

I Am An Out-of-State Resident. Can I Apply For Job Vacancies With The City of Detroit?

Yes, non-residents may apply to any job vacancy as long as it is not an internal-only job vacancy. Those job vacancies are reserved for current City of Detroit employees.

Do I Have To Apply To Each Job Vacancy Separately Or Is There A Way To Select More Than One Job At A Time?

No, you must apply for each job vacancy separately as there may be different requirements and/or questions associated with each position. However, once the first application is complete and submitted, it will be stored in the system and can be used to apply for another job

How Do I Search For All Job Vacancies?

You can search for specific job vacancies at by Category, Department, Location, and/or Keywords by selecting your criteria and clicking on "Go". To clear search criteria, click "None" at the top of each search box then click "Go". You can also search for all criteria within a search box by clicking "All" then clicking on "Go".

Can I Apply For Multiple Job Vacancies?

You may apply for as many job vacancies as you choose.

What Happens After I Apply For A Job Vacancy?

Once you submit your application electronically, it forwards directly to human resources. You will receive a confirmation email immediately. Applications are screened based on the minimum requirements and other job-related factors. Continuation in the selection process does not guarantee employment with the City of Detroit.

I Started Applying For A Job Vacancy, But I Had To Save And Come Back Later. How Do I Finish Applying?

•    To finish applying for a job vacancy, log into your profile with your username and password. In the "Jobs You're Currently Applying For" section, click on the job title of the vacancy you were working on. Complete the remainder of the application and submit. However, to be considered for a job, your online application must be submitted by the closing date and time identified for the position.

•    A position with a closing date of "Continuous" means that applications are continuously evaluated as they are reviewed.