Eviction FAQs

How much rental assistance can I receive?

Up to 50% AMI-up to 12 months of rental assistance

  • Included within the 12 months, 3 months can be used for future rent assistance
    • 50-80% AMI-up to 10 months of rental assistance
    • Included within the 10 months, 3 months can be used for future rent assistance
  • Tenants may apply for an additional 3 months of rental assistance if necessary, for housing stability
Can I get help with my utilities?

Yes, eligible households for CERA can receive utility assistance for tenant supplied electricity, home heating (any type of fuel), water, sewer and trash (if billed along with another utility).

Utility Assistance

Household Size

Maximum Total One Time Utility Payment

(Includes Future Payment)

Maximum Future Utility Payment as a Credit
1-2 persons $1,500 $300
3-4 persons $2,000 $500
5+ persons $2,500 $500


Tenants up to 50% AMI are eligible for an additional $500 if needed to fully pay utility arrears.

Is there any limit on how much per month can I receive?

Yes, the program limit is 150% of the HUD Fair Market Rent based on your home size and county.

I need help paying for home internet, is that cover in the program?

Yes, a flat $300 internet stipend is available for households that have home internet and include a recent internet bill/statement in their application package. The $300 payment will be made to either the Internet service provider or the tenant.

Who is not eligible?


  • Households that have incomes above 80% of Area Median Income.
  • Households that cannot show a "COVID-19 hardship" (outlined above) or risk of homelessness or housing instability.
  • Households that are homeowners, land contract holders or those that live in commercial properties.
  • Renter households that are not behind on either rent or utility bills.


Documents needed for assistance

Please ensure all documentation is submitted to avoid delays in assistance.

Tenant Documents Needed

  • Completed CERA Tenant application
  • Copy of past-due rent notice, a notice to quit or a court ordered summons, complaint or judgement
  • Copy of state ID or passport for the tenant applicant (with proof of residency if address does not match the unit)
  • Most current copy of lease agreement in tenant's name (if a written lease was completed)
  • Provide all proof of earned and unearned income for household members that live at the property and that are over the age of 18
    • Household income/benefits (unemployment, SSI, etc.) for one month, OR
    • Copy of submitted 2020 IRS form 1040 (first two pages) OR
    • Food Assistance Program Notice of Case Action form (only applicable for households with 3 or less people)
  • Copy of ALL utility statements the tenant is responsible for, if applicable
  • Copy of Internet bill/statement, if applicable

Landlord documents needed:

  • Completed CERA Landlord Application
  • Copy of the lease (if a written lease was completed)
  • Ledger showing tenant's payment history in 2020 and 2021
  • W-9
  • Verification of court costs, if applicable


Who to Call If Emergency Shelter is Needed

If you do not have a safe place to sleep for the night and are in need of emergency shelter, please call CAM at 313-305-0311. CAM operates Monday – Friday from 9am to 6pm; Sat 10a-3pm; Sun closed.

I’ve applied for COVID Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA) relief funding, but I just received a DTE Energy notice that my power will be disconnected/has just been disconnected. What should I do?

If you’ve applied for CERA funds but haven’t received any money toward your energy bill yet, please call DTE at 1.800.477.4747 to update the status of your account. DTE will be able to place a 30-day hold on your account so you do not lose power, or they will restore power if it was disconnected. If your power was disconnected you may have to pay a 20% down payment of the past due amount so services can be restored. Please provide your CERA application tracking number to the DTE representative you are speaking with so they can have it as part of your customer record. Additionally, DTE can help you apply for other government assistance funding or see if a DTE assistance program is right for you.