Job Applications / Account

Can I Submit A Paper Application or Resume Instead of Filing Out An Application Online?

No, the City of Detroit no longer accepts paper applications. An applicant must apply online. You may attach your resume.

How Do I Create An Applicant Account?

To create an applicant account, go online to and click on jobs or promotional jobs.
•     Once you have selected a position, click on “create an account”. If you cannot find a position open that matches your qualifications, you may still create a personal profile: select the "Position Not Listed" link; click on the "apply" link, then click on "create an account" link and follow the directions. If you have previously created an account for any position, you may update your profile by using these instructions.

Can I Share My User Account with My Spouse, Relative or Friend?

You may not share an account with another user. To apply for positions, you must create your own account with your own specific contact information, applications, and application history.

When I Try to Create an Account or Update My Email Address, I Get A Message Stating"The Email You Entered Is Already In Use."

If you receive this message, it means that there is an account associated with that particular e-mail address. You may have applied with an agency in the past that is a NEOGOV customer. Your information is retrievable and can be accessed by following the “I Forgot Username and/or Password” steps.

What If I'm Not Ready To Submit My Application At This Time?

You may come back to your application to submit at a later time. If working on the Agency-Wide or Supplemental Questions, select “Save Work In Progress” before you exit. Be sure to log back into your account and submit your application prior to the posting close date.

I Made An Error On My Submitted Application. Can I Make Changes?

There is no way to make changes once you certify and submit the application to the agency. If you wish to update the application you can either re-apply for the position or contact the agency to see if it’s possible to have changes noted. If you receive an error message when resubmitting your application that does not allow you to apply again, or if the position has closed, contact the Human Resources Department. Our applicant support team will not be able to make changes to an already submitted application.

I Forget to Add An Attachment (I.E. My Resume, A Cover Lette, Etc.) To My Job Application. How DoI Add An Attachment To An Application I've Aleady Submitted?

 Once an application is submitted, you cannot make any changes to that application. Any attachments added to your application template will not be automatically received by the City of Detroit. In order to ensure the City receives any newly attached documents, you must submit a new application. If you receive an error message when resubmitting your application that does not allow you to apply again or if the position has closed, you may wish to contact the Human Resources Department directly.

Must I Answer the Supplement Questions? What are Supplemental Questions and How Do I Submit My Anwers to These?

Yes. These questions are used to gather job-related information about you and your educational or work history. If there are supplemental questions attached to a job vacancy, you will find them on the "Supplemental Questions" tab of the posting. Your answers to the supplemental questions automatically submit with your application.

Is It Possible to Withdraw My Application?

It is not possible to withdraw an application online. Once officially submitted, the application becomes property of the City of Detroit and you must call directly for further action.

Is It Possible to Delete or Reset My Account?

 Once the account is created, it will remain in the system and cannot be deleted.

How Do I Find The Status of My Application?

Once logged into your account, click on “Application Status”. You will see all of the applications you have submitted and the status for those applications. If you still have questions regarding your status after viewing this page, you will need to contact the Analyst listed on the job posting.

Can I View Positions I Have Applied For?

Yes. You can access all of your submitted applications by clicking on “Application Status.”

Do I Have To Complete The "Work Experience And Education" Section On My Application If I Attach A Resume?

Yes, even though an applicant attaches a resume with an application, each applicant must enter a work history entry for each job worked.

Why Can't I Just Submit A Qualifying Questionnaire?

The online process speeds recruitment so that the City of Detroit fills positions more efficiently.