Sign Waiver FAQ

How do I apply for a sign permit?

The apply for a sign permit, submit a sign permit application to the Buildings & Safety Engineering Department. Permits are submitted via the Elaps system found at the “Online Application Information” portal available here: 

How do I apply for a sign waiver hearing?

To apply for a sign waiver or adjustment hearing, you will first need to submit a sign permit application. The Buildings & Safety Engineering Department will review your sign permit and notify you if you should apply for a waiver or adjustment via the ProjectDox (ePlans) system, located here: 

What are the limits of a sign waiver and adjustment? 

Please review the PDD Limits on Sign Waivers and Adjustments document, under the Department Menu of this page. 

I want to provide a comment on a sign waiver hearing, how do I do that? 

You can provide public comment by attending a hearing and speaking during the public comment session or sending an email to [email protected] anytime in advance of the meeting or within 15 days of the hearing date.  Please include the hearing date, address, and petitioner’s name, if available.