Municipal Parking FAQ

How many feet can I park fom a intersection, crosswalk, fire hydrant, driveway or stop sign?

Citizens may park thirty feet (30’) from a Stop Sign, ‘Yield right of way Sign” or Traffic Control Signal located at the side of the road; Twenty feet (20’) from Marked Crosswalks; Fifteen feet (15’) from a Fire Hydrant; Five feet (5’) from a Driveway with a curb cut of ten feet (10’) or less in width.  

How I can determine distance fom a corner, crosswalk, or fire hydrant?

Citizens may determine the distance from a corner, crosswalk or fire hydrant by using the following method of measurement.  Each sidewalk ‘square’ is approximately five feet (5’).  Therefore, by counting the number of sidewalk squares from a stop sign, fire hydrant, crosswalk, etc., and multiplying the squares by five (5), you may determine the correct footage required to park legally.  

Can unpaid parking tickets affect my credit?


I don't have all of the money now. Can I make arrangements?

The Parking Violations Bureau (PVB) is happy to make formal payment plans for citizens. You may also inquire about entering into a possible settlement offer at the Municipal Parking Department. Please note that payment plans must be entered and active prior to the immobilization and / or impoundment  of your vehicle.

Are points assessed against my driver's license for parking tickets?


How can I fight my ticket after it reaches the default judgement level?

A citizen may post a bond equivalent to the amount owed on the ticket with a written explanation supporting their request to have the ticket heard by a magistrate.
If the motion is granted and ruled in favor of the citizen, the bond money is refunded. If the motion is denied, the ticket is paid with the bond and the ticket is thereby settled.

How can I request a hearing?

You may request a hearing by calling  (313) 963-9630, by sending a letter to
P.O. Box 2549 Detroit, MI 48231-2549 or by appearing at our cashiering center located at: 1001 Tenth Street, Detroit, MI 48216

Is there a desigated parking area for people with a GPA?

No, however in some instances a specific garage may be designated.

How can I remove a Driver's License Hold?

A driver's license hold can be removed by making full payment (cash, credit card, or money order) for all open violations, penalties and fees on record with the City of Detroit Municipal Parking Department. Full payment entitles you to receive a Satisfaction of Payment letter from the Municipal Parking Department.

Are any discounts offered to the public for making a GPA?

No other discounts apply to GPAs.

What is a Driver's License Hold?

A Driver’s License Hold occurs when the Michigan Secretary of State will not allow a citizen to renew his or her driver’s license due to unpaid parking citations.

How is it determined who gets a license hold?

Any Michigan resident with three or more outstanding parking citations or two outstanding handicap parking citations issued within the City of Detroit is eligible for a Driver’s License Hold.

Why do I need a Satisfaction of Payment Letter?

The Satisfaction of Payment Letter from the Municipal Parking Department must be presented to the 36th District Court. The court assesses a driver clearance fee.  After all payments have been made, the court informs the Secretary of State that all outstanding matters regarding notices or citations have been resolved. The Secretary of State will then remove the license hold from the driver's license record.

What are the benefits of making a Group Parking Arrangement (GPA)?

You know that your parking space is being reserved.

Is there a waiting list to make GPA?

No! GPA’s are approved based on availability of space at a given location.

When and how do I pay for my group parking arrangement?

Once your application has been reviewed and approved by the MPD Administrative Office, you will be directed as to how to proceed with payment.

Is there a limit on the number of vehicles for each GPA?

 The maximum amount of parking spaces you may reserve depends on the date of your event and the availability of parking at the facility you choose.