Fire Hydrant Use FAQ

What does this mean?

If customers need a water source for construction, demolition, and dust control or for similar purposes, DWSD recommends using a Temporary Water Connection, a water truck, or an on-site water storage tank. If these water sources are not available or are prohibited at your project site and you wish to use a fire hydrant as a temporary water source, you must first obtain a Fire Hydrant Use Permit from DWSD. This permit will authorize the applicant to operate a particular fire hydrant for the purpose of obtaining water on a temporary basis.

When to apply ?

DWSD recommends applying for a permit at least 2 weeks before the permit is required. For demolition work, apply for the hydrant permit when applying for a water clearance for demolition.

What documents needed to be submitted?

Submit a completed permit application for Temporary Use of a Fire Hydrant and site plan that shows the location of the hydrant via DWSD's online form linked on the Permit webpage.

If usage request and need has been established within a memorandum of understanding with DWSD, please submit a copy of the MoU with the applicable fees listed in the document.

What applications and fees are required?

Applicants must submit their application for a hydrant permit through DWSD's online form, linked on the Permit webpage.


Applicable Fees

Hydrant water use for Residential Demolition: $598.50*

Hydrant water use for Commercial Demolition: $2,388.68*


*Subject to change by DWSD Board of Water Commissioners

How long will it take?

It typically takes two to three business days for DWSD to process a hydrant use application. Applicant will receive a Fire Hydrant Temporary Use Permit that entitles the applicant to operate the hydrant for their use. The permit must be kept on site at all times while the fire hydrant is being used.