Landscaping Companies

While the City of Detroit typically manages landscaping needs internally, there are several vendors who have held contracts with the City in the past or have met the City's requirements for contractors. Several of these vendors are featured below. Additionally, we are pleased to note that some of these companies have adopted parks themselves!

Brilar LLC
13200 Northend Ave. Oak Park, MI, 48237
Attention: Larry Yaffa

Dan’s Tree and Landscape
P.O. Box 2698 Southfield, MI, 48037
Attention: Daniel Capalungan

J.E. Jordan Landscaping            
19415 W. McNichols, Suite V
Detroit, MI 48219
Attention: Jamie Jordan

Payne Landscaping
15777 Harper Detroit, MI, 48224
Attention: Terry Payne

Turf Tenders
P.O. Box 760310
Lathrup Village, MI, 48076
Attention: Eric Costello

The Greening of Detroit
13000 West McNichols, Detroit, MI, 48235
Attention: Lionel Bradford / Fai Foen