Law Claims

Law Claims FAQs

You may file a claim by completing the 

When doing so:

(i)    Please provide all current and complete contact information.

(ii)    Detail, in writing, specifics of the incident, that is describe exactly what happened and how it happened; include the date, time, precise location of the incident and, if appropriate, the City of Detroit department that was involved.  

(iii)    Provide the names, addresses, and other contact information of all witnesses.  Photos, estimates, copies of bills, proof of insurance, proof of ownership should also be provided when applicable.  

Please note that copies of the 

 are available at the City of Detroit Law Department reception area on the 5th floor of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center located at 2 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48226.

Otherwise, you can download a copy of the 


 on line.

Please note that, when making a claim for an injury, you must sign a HIPAA complaint authorization for the release of medical information/records for each medical facility you sought treatment for the injury.  Failure to do so may result in the delay of processing your claim or a denial of the claim.  

You may mail in your claim to:

        Claims Section
        City of Detroit Law Department
        Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
        2 Woodward Avenue, Suite 500
        Detroit, Michigan 48226
    You may fax a copy of your claim to:

        Claims Section
        City of Detroit Law Department
        (313) 224-5505.

If after the conclusion of the investigation, the City of Detroit is liable, and
the claimant is eligible to recover, the claimant may receive payment from
the City of Detroit.

Sending complete and accurate information can expedite the process. 

However, the investigation involves collecting information from other City departments, identifying potential witnesses, interviewing or taking statements from witnesses, taking photographs or video recordings when necessary, and reviewing all documentation.

A decision regarding your claim will be made when the investigation is complete and all necessary records are received from the claimants, witnesses, medical facilities and any other places or persons who are in possession of information relevant to the claim. 

There is an exception with claims involving the Michigan No-Fault Law 

After the Claims Section receives your signed and notarized release, a check is then requested from the Finance Department for the specified amount. The process typically takes two to four weeks. The check will be mailed or available for pick up at our office on the day the Claims Section receives it. An exception is made for claims involving the Michigan No-Fault Law.