Debarment Information

1.  Debarment Summary

The Inspector General is the chief investigative agency for allegations or instances of illegal conduct or unethical contractual activity.  The City of Detroit solicits offers, awards contracts, and consents to subcontracts with responsible contractors only.  To effectuate this policy, the Office of Inspector General, pursuant to the Debarment Ordinance, may debar contractors from current and/or future work.  Debarment means actions taken by the City to exclude a person or entity from acting as a contractor or subcontractor for a specified period of time.

In addition to the requirement to act as responsible contractors, those doing business with the City are also required to report to the Inspector General any improper, unethical or illegal activity or requests made by elected officers of the City or any public servant in connection with any contract.  

Contractors may be debarred if the Inspector General finds that it is in the best interest for the City not to do business with the contractor.  The period of debarment shall commensurate with the seriousness of the cause but shall not exceed 20 years.  There is no statute of limitations for investigations.
No debarred contractor is eligible to serve as a subcontractor or as a goods, services or materials supplier for any contract.  A list of all contractors debarred by the City of Detroit is posted on the City’s website.  


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3. Debarred Vendors

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