Detroit's EV Charging Future

The City of Detroit is looking to help spur the deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure across Detroit, with a long-term vision of giving every Detroit District convenient access to EV charging locations. Looking for an EV Charger in Michigan? Click here

Why EV Charging?

Transportation emissions are a leading source to greenhouse gas emissions, which are contributing to climate change, as well as a number of other air pollutants negatively contributing to the health and wellness of Detroiters. The City of Detroit is proactively working to create a brighter, more sustainable future for Detroit’s current and future generations. By helping stimulate the deployment of EV charging infrastructure across Detroit, the City is creating more opportunities for low and zero-emission transportation on our streets. These efforts will reduce local emissions, improve local health outcomes, help address climate change, and lead to new job and economic opportunities in Detroit

Current EV Charging Programs & Opportunities

HVEV Corridor Development Program

The City of Detroit is developing highly visible electric vehicle (HVEV) corridors, with a goal of improved charging and retail access. These corridors have been identified by indicators that demonstrate these are key locations based on traffic data, job centers, community planning initiatives, tourist attractions and residential density.

  • View available properties here
  • View Summit Commercial marketing packet here
  • Interested in submitting a proposal? Contact Summit Commercial here

Public EV Charging 

The City of Detroit is currently reviewing locations on publicly owned land that could become sites for EV infrastructure investment and deployment to support publicly accessible EV charging. These types of locations include:

City recreation centers, including:

  1. Adam Butzel, 10500 Lydon St. (District 2)
  2. Butzel Family, 7737 Kercheval (District 3)
  3. Clemente, 2631 Bagley St. (District 6)
  4. Coleman Young, 2751 Robert Bradby Dr. (District 5)
  5. Crowell, 16630 Lahser Rd. (District 1)
  6. Farwell, 2711 E. Outer Drive (District 3)
  7. Heilmann, 19601 Crusade St. (District 3)
  8. Kemeny, 2260 S. Fort St. (District 6)
  9. Lasky, 13200 Fenelon St. (District 3)
  10. Northwest Activities Center, 18100 Meyers Rd. (District 2)
  11. Patton, 2301 Woodmere St. (District 6)
  12. Williams, 8431 Rosa Parks Blvd. (District 5)

Existing and future city-owned parking lots, including:

  1. 6920 Rutland St. and 6914 Rutland St., Detroit, MI 48228 (District 7)
    • Parcel ID #22068526-45 and #22068525
  2. 16905 San Juan and 16893 San Juan (District 2)
    • Parcel ID #16025967-9 and #16025970-5
  3. 16814 Tuller St. and 16808 Tuller St. and 16800 Tuller St. and 16941 Lilac St. and 16935 Lilac St. and 16929 Lilac St. (District 2)
    • Parcel ID #16026935 and #16026934 and #16026933 and #16026564 and #16026565 and #16026566
  4. 4899 Grayton St. and 4893 Grayton St. (District 4)
    • Parcel ID #21074227-8 and #21074229
  5. 19612 Regent St. and 19620 Regent St. and 19628 Regent St. and 19636 Regent St. and 19644 Regent St. (District 3)
    • Parcel ID #21055603 and #21055604 and #21055605 and #21055606 and #21055607
  6. 3351 Sturtevant St. and 3359 Sturtevant St. (District 5)
    • Parcel ID #12003929 and #12003930
  7. 17205 Lasher Rd. and 17203 Lasher Rd. and 22040 Argus and 22050 Argus (District 2)
    • Parcel ID #22113710-1 and #22113709 and #22014230 and #22014229
  8. Detroit Riverwalk Park, 1325 Atwater St. (District 5)
  9. 19384 Livernois (District 5)

Existing city-owned parking structures, including:

  1. Eastern Market Garage, 2727 Riopelle St. (District 5)
  2. Ford Auditorium Underground Garage, 30 E. Jefferson (District 5)

On street, curbside parking

  • The City is currently only looking at Level 2 charging solutions for curb side parking locations
  • The City is looking to prioritize perpendicular and angled curb side parking locations, as well as some parallel parking locations along one-way streets

As part of this effort, the City envisions a future state with public access at up to 40 DC fast charging (DCFC) stations and up to 250 Level 2 charging stations located on city-owned land. The City is aiming to prioritize opportunities to support economic development, EV carsharing, ridesharing services, tourism and more. In addition, the City of Detroit is seeking to identify and partner with private landowners planning and/or deploying EV charging infrastructure within City limits. The City’s Park Detroit app, for example, can be used to help promote awareness and access to EV charging infrastructure at privately owned parking throughout the City.

How You Can Help

The City of Detroit wants to hear from you! Our goal is to make EV charging accessible and convenient for all Detroiters. We have created a tool for you to tell us your thoughts on where you think we should install EV charging that you can use down below! Pinpoint the locations where you think would be best for your community.



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