Office of Mayoral Correspondence

Thank you for your interest in requesting a greeting from Mayor, Mike Duggan. If you would like to submit a request for a member of city council, you will have the option to do so on the submission form. The Office of Mayoral Correspondence receives and processes all requests in accordance with established guidelines. Please carefully review the guidelines below prior to submitting your request. Requests that do not comply with the guidelines or do not contain sufficient information cannot be fulfilled.

  1. Citizens of the City of Detroit:The mayor’s office will send greetings only to citizens of the City of Detroit for special occasions as outlined below.
  2. When to Expect Your Greeting: Unless otherwise requested, all greetings will be mailed from the mayor’s office approximately 14 days prior to the event. All baby’s birth greetings will be sent after the event.
  3. Guidelines for some of our most commonly requested greetings are as follows:
    1. Welcome Letters – if you're organizing a conference, family reunion or other large gathering in the City of Detroit, consider requesting a letter from the mayor to thank them for their visit.
    2. Proclamations – a formal public statement, a proclamation can be requested for the mayor to issue a statement or designate a period of time to draw awareness to specific public policy, historical event or figure.
    3. Retirement Greeting – available for 20 years of service or longer.
    4. Birthday Greeting – Available to Detroit civilians celebrating their 80th (or greater) birthday and veterans celebrating their 70th (or greater) birthday.
    5. Baby’s Birth Greeting – Available for babies born within a year of the birth date. Please submit requests after the baby is born.
    6. Wedding/Civil Union Anniversary - celebrating 50 (or greater) years of marriage/civil union.
    7. Member of Clergy Anniversary - celebrating 20 years of service or longer.

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