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The Detroit Entertainment Commission’s goals are to stimulate business growth and economic development in the sports and entertainment industries respectively by working to attract, cultivate and make citizens aware of businesses opportunities created by entertainment, cultural, film, music, and special events that occur within and/or are hosted by the City of Detroit.

The Detroit Entertainment Commission serves as a sounding board for the community and a think tank. We are eager to explore the feasibility of events, programs, or creative concepts that can foster economic development through the arts and entertainment. If you would like the Detroit Entertainment Commission to consider or evaluate your proposal, please complete and submit the form on the contact page, and a representative will contact you. As a guide for your event, to view the evaluation form the Commissioners use to fulfill their purpose and mission, please click here.

You may be asked to make a presentation to the Commission at one our Monthly meetings. If your request is supported by a quorum of Commissioners, a formal recommendation of support or further exploration may be passed to City Council to further deliberate and determine how the City of Detroit can contribute to your project.

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We are eager to join in the spirit of renaissance that is bubbling in our creative community. If you are considering bringing an event to the City of Detroit, we welcome the opportunity to consider, advocate, and support your effort. The City of Detroit is full of amazing venues, spaces, and niche communities that nurture the arts.

Artists from around the world have coalesced in Detroit to create amazing installations and performances in spaces and venues around the city. Detroit is rich with talent across the entertainment spectrum. Our goal is to help promote Detroit talent and network Detroit’s talent with resources to help them prepare for the business of entertainment. Together, we can make it work.

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We are always looking for volunteers to support our efforts. The Commissioners themselves are volunteers, and in order to do the great things we need your help. Attend our monthly meetings to learn about volunteer opportunities with the Detroit Entertainment Commission.

Meeting Dates

The Detroit Entertainment Commission meets every third Monday at 5:00pm.

Please note that due to recent developments with COVID-19, all Detroit Entertainment Commission public meetings are virtual.

Next Meeting Date: February 15th, 2021 -- Visit our Facebook Page to join.


The Detroit Entertainment Commission also recognizes the contributions of Detroit's homegrown talent through the City of Detroit Spirit of Entertainment Award. To nominate an individual you feel is deserving of recognition for excellence in the arts and entertainment, contact us!

Interested in volunteering for one of our events or sub-committees? Lets Talk.


"It feels great to be recognized by the City of Detroit for the work I've done. Not many of us live long enough to see the honors and rewards. I am grateful."

- The Late Great Marcus Belgrave - Detroit Jazz Legend on receiving DEC's "Spirit of Entertainment Award"

"The DEC is working with us to help preserve Detroit stories through mural art. "

- Kim Simmons - Detroit River Project / Mural Arts Detroit M.A.D.

City Council President
City Council Pro Tem