District 7 Community Advisory Community

According to Detroit’s current city charter, the purpose of these Community Advisory Councils is to improve citizen access to city government. The Community Advisory Council (CAC) is established according to Article 9 Chapter 1 of the Charter and by an ordinance that was mandated there.  CAC’s are the only elected body in Detroit government to be created by petition.



What can this CAC do?

  • A community council may require that the City Council representative receive prior consultation from the Community Advisory Council on all issues which relate exclusively to that district.
  • They don’t cost taxpayers any money; they may accept donations or grants in accordance with state, federal or local law.
  • The Community Advisory Council must hold public meetings at least four times a year.
  • The meetings will be held within the fourth district and must be held in donated facilities with an attempt to provide a broad geographical distribution of meetings.

Other powers and duties include:

  1. Communicating to City Council the concerns of groups, agencies, businesses and residents within its districts with respect to the delivery of programs and services.
  2. Assisting groups, agencies, businesses and residents in community problem solving by meeting with groups to:
    a. Clarify issues; and
    b. Demonstrate proper procedural approaches to accessing city government.
  3. Disseminating information to groups, agencies, businesses and residents on social and physical plans for the districts areas.
  4. Providing advice to community representatives and City Council on major issues within the
    council district which may include:
    a. Housing development;
    b. Commercial blight;
    c. Safety and security;
    d. Economic and community development;
    e. Employment opportunities;
    f. Code enforcement; and
    g. Other concerns impacting social, economic, cultural and environmental conditions within the
  5. Familiarizing themselves with the City Charter, with the objective of assisting the community in understanding the intent and relevance of Charter provisions.
  6. Familiarizing themselves with the Master Plan for the City of Detroit in relationship to the City generally and the land area within their district generally.
  7. Meeting annually with the Mayor and annually with City Council to discuss the challenges confronting the district and the resources required to advance the interest and support the viability of the district.



Who will be on the CAC?

Two of the members will be appointed.  One senior citizen and one teenager.  The remaining five members will be elected




Meetings will be held the last Thursday of the month at 6pm.

    March 30 - Carpenters and Millwrights Center 11687 American
    May 25 - New Visions Missionary Baptist Church 14548 Joy Rd
    July 28 - Edison Library 18400 Joy Rd
    September 28 - Detroit Association of Black Organizations 12048 Grand River

City Council President
City Council Pro Tem