Task Forces

Equitable Development Task Force 

Council Member Johnson drafted a resolution to create the Equitable Development Taskforce. Campaigning upon the issue of Equitable Development, Council Member Johnson is leading the efforts to address the needs of underserved communities through policies and programs that reduce disparities while fostering places that are healthy and vibrant. There has been an ongoing need in urban areas for community development and urban planning aimed at revitalizing disinvested communities and ensuring that all residents can shape urban development and benefit from economic growth in an equitable fashion. Communities across the country are integrating smart growth, environmental justice, and equitable development approaches to design and build healthy, sustainable, and inclusive neighborhoods. The Equitable Task Force will develop a report that will produce a series of policy recommendations that will be referred to City Council, and the administration for implementation. Council Member Johnson is joined by Council Member Gabriella Santiago-Romero on this Task Force. 


Minority Business Task Force 

Council Member Johnson co-chairs the Minority Business Task Force with Council Member At-Large Mary Waters and Council Member Angela Calloway. The Minority Business Task Force was established to provide a more direct focus and attention to identifying the local issues and challenges for local minority owned business and seeking new ideas as well as best practices from other cities to propose viable solutions to address barriers to minority business operations in the city of Detroit. The city of Detroit has a history of working to increase the percentage of government contracts that are awarded to minority businesses.  However, the need for a wider array of government solutions still exists.  This effort will require government, the private sector, public sector, and stakeholder organizations working in concert to fully promote and support the minority business community.

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