Board of Wrecking Contractors Examiners

The Board of Wrecking Contractors Examiners consists of six members appointed by the Mayor of the City of Detroit to advise the Director of BSEED on matters relating to the licensing of Wrecking Contractors.  The Board members shall promulgate procedural rules for the administration of appeals of decisions, determinations, and orders by the Building Official or his designee.


The Board of Examiners for Wrecking Contractor's operational authority is established by Article II, section 118.0 of the City of Detroit’s Building Code.  The duties of these seven mayoral appointees have been developed to ensure that no person, partnership, firm, or corporation shall contract to demolish, dismantle or dismember and remove or engage in the business of demolition, disassembling, dismantling or dismembering, and removing residential or commercial buildings or structures, without a license from BSEED which authorizes the holder thereof to engage in such business.  


Getting to the Finish Line


How to apply for a Wrecking Contractor's License in the City of Detroit


Step 1. Download the application or pick one up in person at 2 Woodward Ave, Suite 408, Detroit, MI 48226

Step 2. Submit your updated surety bond and insurance information to the Law Department. Please use the following link to submit your surety bond and insurance

Any questions about how the certificate of insurance and surety bond should look like or what it should contain can be directed toward the Law Department at 313-224-4550

Step 3. Submit the completed application. You can submit your application via email to Kimberly Davis at [email protected].

Step 4. Make an appearance before the Board on the nearest scheduled meeting day. See schedule here.

Step 5. If you are approved, you can schedule a wrecking license exam with the Board.

Step 6. Pass the exam and receive your City of Detroit Wrecking License



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Please send your questions/ concerns to: [email protected] contact the representative for the Board of Examiners for Wrecking Contractors.

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