East Riverfront Assets Study: Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan

Every 5 years the City of Detroit undergoes a process to update its Park and Recreation Plan, we are currently in the first phase of an 18-month project to update the plan. As a supplement to this plan, the General Services Department (GSD) is conducting a focused study of East Riverfront parks and sites from Hart Plaza to St. Jean called the East Riverfront Assets Study (ERAS). The study aims to identify capital improvement needs and conceptual designs that will inform future capital budgeting and grant applications. To help inform the study, GSD will be hosting focus groups, open to the public, per area along the East Riverfront. Please visit the website for details. For more information on the parks plan, this project and ways to be involved, visit the website at detroitmi.gov/parksplan


Note: Funding for this study is $996,850 and was allocated for comprehensive engineering assessments, operation assessments, design services, and community engagement support.

Effective date: This study will be part of the Parks and Recreation Plan that will be submitted to the City Council in early 2022 upon its completion.

Outreach Details 

Two Zoom meetings to learn about this project: 

April 5 at 5PM: http://cityofdetroit.zoom.us/j/3631409738 

Dial In: 312-626-6799

April 12 at 5PM:


Dial In: 312-626-6799


To provide feedback, please plan to attend a focus group starting April 7 via Zoom. Visit detroitmi.gov/parksplan for details. If unable to attend please submit your feedback via this form by April 30: www.bit.ly/erasinput