DWSD Construction Opportunities Business to Business Workshop


You can view this year’s Construction Business to Business Opportunities Workshop on the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department’s YouTube Channel.


The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department's (DWSD) 3rd Annual DWSD Construction Business to Business Opportunities Workshop is a great forum for prime contractors, sub-contractors, and construction-related business owners to learn about DWSD’s construction projects and how your business can participate. The 2021 event will be virtual – the event will bring the same valuable information provided in past in-person workshops. Our Deputy Director and Chief Engineer, Palencia Mobley, P.E., will kick off a series of engaging presentations by subject matter experts in procurement, certification, and employment resources.

Highlights of this year’s event include:

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM UPDATE: DWSD has invested more than $200M in capital improvement projects since 2019, upgrading the water and sewer systems, replacing lead service lines, and implementing green stormwater infrastructure projects. In nearly two years, DWSD contractors have replaced 43 miles of water main, replaced more than 600 lead service lines, replaced or lined 41 miles of sewer collection piping, and installed 11 bioretention gardens.

OVERVIEW OF DWSD’S 2021 CONSTRUCTION SEASON: Learn about construction opportunities as DWSD releases its 2021 construction plan.

OVERVIEW OF THE DRINKING WATER REVOLVING FUND (DWRF): Prime and sub-contractors who bid on water main projects funded by the Drinking Water Revolving Fund must meet requirements outlined by the federal government. This presentation will provide an overview.

CITY OF DETROIT – CIVIL RIGHTS INCLUSION & OPPORTUNITY DEPARTMENT (CRIO): The department will discuss Executive Order 2016-1 – the order outlines that all construction projects receiving $3 million or more in public funding must ensure at least 51 percent of the hours worked on these projects are performed by Detroit residents. CRIO will also provide details of its Detroit Business Opportunity Program – learn about becoming a Detroit-based certified business.

TRADE UNIONS & WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: Hear union leadership discuss their skilled trade unions and from workforce development officials who will provide an overview of trained construction laborers. This presentation is intended to help contractors comply with the requirements of Executive Order 2016-1, as mentioned above.

CONTRACTOR SPOTLIGHT: This year’s Contractor Spotlight sessions will highlight three important areas of contractor involvement. One session will host two prime contractors who will provide details for what they look for in sub-contractors. The goal of this session is to engage a variety of Detroit-based and minority-owned contractors and encourage overall contractor participation. The other session will allow a sub-contractor to discuss their business and capabilities.

This workshop is one of several efforts DWSD executes to enhance DWSD’s procurement process and to create competitive, fair, and transparent procurement for its contracts.