Legacy Detroiters have until March 12 to submit applications to gain edge in Marijuana license process

Legacy Detroiters have until March 12 to submit applications to gain edge in Marijuana license process


  • 180 Legacy Detroiter certifications have been issued so far
  • Legacy Detroiters to have 1st priority in the review process
  • 50% of new licenses and 99% discounts on application fees
  • “Legacy Detroiter” applications available at detroitmeansbusiness.org/homegrown


DETROIT – Detroiters interested in obtaining one or more of the 10 different types of Adult-Use Recreational Marijuana-related licenses have until the next week to submit their application to be certified as a “Legacy Detroiter,” in advance of the license application window opening on April 1.  The deadline for applications is midnight on Friday, March 12

The Adult Use Recreational Marijuana ordinance, approved by Detroit City Council late last year, gives preference to long-time Detroit residents seeking licenses. Becoming a certified Legacy Detroiter, provides the following benefits, in the newly created recreational marijuana industry in Detroit, including:

At least 50% of licenses in most of the 10 license categories to be awarded to certified Legacy Detroiters.
A 99% discount on licensing fees in 2021 and 75% discount on licensing fees in 2022.
A 75% discount on city-owned land.
Ability to apply for a one-year “provisional” status if the applicant does yet own a property
Legacy Detroiter applications are now available at www.detroitmeansbusiness.org/homegrown.

List of available city-owned properties now available

Individuals also can view several properties the city will be offering at a discount to approved Legacy Detroiter applicants.  The City has compiled a list of 18 vacant city-owned lots and commercial buildings that will be reserved for applicants who have received certification as Legacy Detroiters. As one of the benefits of the ordinance, Legacy Detroit purchasers will receive a 75% discount on the listed market value price. All sales require City Council approval and must be paid in cash. The full list of properties can be found here: https://detroitmeansbusiness.org/homegrown/

Mayor Duggan credited Councilmember Tate for his extensive work helping to craft an ordinance that puts Detroiters first.  “No matter what you think about legalized marijuana, someone is going to make a lot of money in this new industry and Detroiters should have the first opportunity,” said Mayor Duggan.  “Thanks to Councilmember Tate’s leadership, that opportunity exists.”   

How to apply to become a Legacy Detroiter

To qualify for the Detroit Legacy program, you must currently reside in Detroit, and be able to document that you:

  • Lived in Detroit for 15 of the last 30 years, or
  • Lived in Detroit for 13 of the last 30 years and are low income, or
  • Lived in Detroit for 10 of the last 30 years and have a marijuana conviction or have a parent with a marijuana conviction.

Applicants will need to submit copies of documentation to certify their legacy status, such as pay stubs, tax returns, mortgage or rental lease documents, etc. Detroiters must submit a Detroit Legacy application and pay the associated fee to be certified and take advantage of the program benefits.

License Application Dates

Beginning April 1, 2021, all license applicants can begin applying for adult-use licenses however, under the ordinance, Legacy Detroiters will be provided a 45-day window, during which only their applications will be reviewed.  The applications to obtain one of the adult-use recreational marijuana-related licenses also will be found at www.detroitmeansbusiness.org/homegrown.  Below are detailed timelines for each of the application review periods, by license applicant types: 

  • Detroit Legacy applicants:
    • Application review begins May 1, 2021
  • General applicants with existing medical marijuana license:
    • Application review begins June 16, 2021
  • General applicants without existing medical marijuana license:
    • Application review begins August 1, 2021

Step-by-step guides to the application by applicant type can be found at detroitmeansbusiness.org/homegrown or by calling 313-224-3179 (BSEED Licensing and Permits).

License Breakdown

There are 10 types of licenses: Medical Marihuana provisioning center, adult-use retailer establishment, grower, processor, safety compliance facility, temporary marihuana event, microbusiness, designated consumption lounge, and secure transporter.


  • Medical Marihuana Provisioning Center
    • 75
  • Adult-Use Retailer Establishment (50% DL)
    • 75
  • Grower (Adult-use 50% DL)
    • Unlimited
  • Processor (Adult-use 50% DL)
    • Unlimited
  • Secured Transporter
    • Unlimited
  • Safety Compliance Facility
    • Unlimited
  • Designated Consumption Lounge (50% DL)
    • 35
  • Microbusiness (50% DL)
    • 35
  • Marihuana Event Organizer (50% DL)
    • Unlimited
  • Temporary Marihuana Event
    • Unlimited

For more information about the adult-use marijuana ordinance or the social equity program component, visit DetroitMeansBusiness.org/homegrown.