Gratiot / 7 Mile Framework Plan

City leaders and residents will be coming together this year to create a plan for the neighborhoods near Gratiot and 7 Mile in northeast Detroit. The Gratiot/7 Mile Neighborhood Framework Plan is a city-led plan of action, co-crafted by residents to guide future growth and investment in the neighborhood. Several plans are being conducted citywide, including in the Gratiot/7 Mile area. This project will be supported by the Strategic Neighborhood Fund, which is a commitment to implementing the recommendations of this plan and those in nine other areas of Detroit.


Gratiot - 7 Mile Map


The Gratiot/7 Mile planning area includes neighborhoods bounded by East 8 Mile Road, Kelly Road, Houston- Whittier Avenue, and Schoenherr Road. The plan will look at stabilizing single family neighborhoods, multi-family housing and retail opportunities, as well as park, greenway, and streetscape improvements. Planning activities will begin in 2019.

Project Contact:

G7 Virtual Community Meeting 4

WATCH: Gratiot/7 Mile Neighborhood Framework Plan Community Meeting #3

How you can get ready & involved:

  • Tell your neighbors about the planning process and invite them to participate
  • Attend town halls and related community events about the plan
  • Share your neighborhood stories, experiences, and ideas with us!