Gratiot / 7 Mile Framework Plan

City leaders and residents came together to create a plan for the neighborhoods near Gratiot and 7 Mile in northeast Detroit. The Gratiot/7 Mile Neighborhood Framework Plan is a city-led plan of action, co-crafted by residents to guide future growth and investment in the neighborhood. Several plans are being conducted citywide, including in the Gratiot/7 Mile area. This project will be supported by the Strategic Neighborhood Fund, which is a commitment to implementing the recommendations of this plan and those in nine other areas of Detroit.

The Gratiot/7 Mile planning area includes neighborhoods bounded by East 8 Mile Road, Kelly Road, Houston- Whittier Avenue, and Schoenherr Road. The plan will look at stabilizing single family neighborhoods, multi-family housing and retail opportunities, as well as park, greenway, and streetscape improvements. Planning activities began in 2019 and concluded in 2021.

Gratiot - 7 Mile Map



About the Better Block Detroit G7 Project

As part of the Gratiot/7 Mile Neighborhood Framework, the Better Block Detroit G7 is a placemaking activity that will transform several vacant lots in the Gratiot/McNichols microdistrict in spring 2024. The project seeks to reimagine the space as a vibrant, bustling part of this high-traffic commercial corridor and demonstrate its potential for future development. The project is sponsored by the City of Detroit, Invest Detroit, and Fifth Third Bank. The Better Block Foundation is an international 501(c)3 nonprofit that educates, equips, and empowers communities and their leaders to reshape and reactivate built environments to promote the growth of healthy and vibrant neighborhoods. To learn more about their process and past projects, visit