Project Summary

As one of several planning projects aimed at strengthening Detroit’s neighborhoods, the City of Detroit’s Planning and Development Department (PDD), Housing and Revitalization Department (HRD), and Department of Neighborhoods (DON) are collaborating with a team of consultants to help craft a neighborhood development and implementation plan for the Campau/Banglatown neighborhood.


Campau / Banglatown landscape and streets

With great regard to the neighborhood’s vibrant culture, this planning effort seeks to create implementable projects and strategies that will be meaningful to the Campau/Banglatown community at-large, working to strengthen and support the already existing community-based planning efforts present in the area.

The scope of work of this project will focus on landscape stewardship, rehabilitation development, and the strengthening of commercial corridors within the neighborhood. Specifically, the plan will work to accomplish the following:

  1. Preserve and expand the existing and emerging cultural community found within the neighborhood;
  2. Strengthen the economic and social vitality of its communities and commercial corridors;
  3. Increase housing rental and homeownership opportunities for current and incoming populations; and
  4. Transform vacant landscapes into productive, sustainable, and beautiful spaces

In order to craft these implementable strategies, the City of Detroit will engage with neighborhood residents and community organizations from spring 2018 through 2019 in a series of community meetings, social events, and focus groups. At these participatory meetings, the City seeks to engage YOU, the neighborhood stakeholders on your ideas and priorities for the future of the neighborhood.


For more information, please email 

and check this website for updates in the coming weeks.

Campau / Banglatown streetmap