Senior Citizen Solid Waste Discount Information


The application period is July 1 thru September 15.  The City of Detroit may provide a discount to homeowners who are at least 65 years old and have a household gross income below $40,000.00. Effective July 1, 2009, the Solid Waste Fee is $240.00. Qualifying Seniors will receive a discount of $120.00.

File Senior Citizen Application fo Solid Waste Discount with the City of Detroit Treasurer's Office.  You must file your request for discount between July 1st and September 15th.

  • IN PERSON - Detroit Taxpayer Center, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center Room 130
  • BY MAIL - Detroit Taxpayer Center, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, 2 Woodward Avenue, Room 130, Detroit, MI 48226


Along with the application, please provide a copy of the following:

  • PROOF OF YOUR IDENTITY ADDRESS AND AGE (valid driver's license, passport or other government issued photo ID)
  • PROOF OF YOUR INCOME (last year's State of Michigan Property Tax Credit form, State tax return or notarized affidavit of income, see back of form)



NOTE: Filing of this form is voluntary. Discount will not be processed unless the form has been filed. The Treasurer's Office may require additional documentation to verify your claim.