Earned Income Tax Credit


Don’t leave money on the table! Now more than ever, it pays to file your taxes. Changes to tax law mean that you may miss out on tax credits on the table if you don’t file.

Tax Filing Deadline is Monday, April 18


If you have children under 18 in your home, you should be receiving monthly cash payments that began in July 2021 through the new Child Tax Credit. But you must file taxes in 2022 to receive the second half of your credit!

If you didn’t receive your monthly payments, it’s not too late to claim your Child Tax Credit! You may be eligible even if you are not the child’s biological parent, do not usually file taxes or have low/no earnings.


If you worked at all in 2021, you may be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit. The Earned Income Tax Credit provides extra income to workers with low to moderate incomes, up to $57,000. Changes to tax law mean that more workers are eligible now than ever before!

You can’t get your payments if you don’t file your taxes. File for free now.


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