Media Requests

Many media requests can be most efficiently handled by filling out this form:

The requests will generate an immediate email notification to our team and provide us the details we need to begin process your request as efficiently as possible.


Media requests for the Detroit Police Department can be handled by filling out this form:

Reporter requests for information or interviews can be made to the city's press office by filling out:

If you need to contact a specific communications team member from the city or one of its related agencies, please refer to the contact list below.

Updated 7/30/21

Mayor’s Office/Central Staff

John Roach
Media Relations Director
(313) 244-7857
[email protected]

Corey McIsaac
Deputy Media Relations Director
(248) 870-8620
[email protected]

Vickie Thomas
Communications Director
(313) 480-2962
[email protected]

Rose Love
Communications Manager
(313) 850-1940
[email protected]

Bryan Warrick
(734) 620-2384
[email protected]