Media Requests


Media requests for the Detroit Police Department can be handled by filling out this form:



If you need to contact a specific communications team member from the City or one of its related agencies, please refer to the contact list below.


Mayor’s Office/Central Staff

John Roach
Media Relations Director
(313) 244-7857
[email protected]

Corey McIsaac
Deputy Media Relations Director
(248) 870-8620
[email protected]

Rose Love
Communications Manager
(313) 850-1940
[email protected]

Bryan Warrick
(734) 620-2384
[email protected]


City Departments


Media Contact Department or Agency
Dayna Clark
Public Information Director
(313) 596-2200
[email protected]
Detroit Police Department
Chief James C. Harris
Public Information Officer
(313) 573-5668
[email protected]
Detroit Fire Department
Alison DeRees
Director of Communication
(586) 894-3204
[email protected]
Planning & Development /Housing & Revitalization Departments
Christopher Kopicko
Public Information Manager
(313) 224-3758
[email protected]
Homeland Security & Emergency Mgt.
Cara Ball
Creative Content Manager
(313) 900-4331
[email protected]
Construction and Demolition Department

Nikita Cargins Communications and Marketing Director [email protected]
(313) 400-7107

Health Department
Bryan Peckinpaugh
Director of Public Affairs
(313) 410-2954
[email protected]
Water & Sewerage Department

Georgette C R Johnson
Press Secretary
(313) 402-6872
[email protected]

Department of Public Works, Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Dept.
Raquel Harrington
Marketing & Communications Manager
(313) 300-5304
[email protected]
Parks & Recreation, General Services Department
Stephanie Davis
Communications Manager
(313) 348-9043
[email protected]
Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Rasha Almulaiki
Media Relations Manager
(313) 701-0459
[email protected]
Office of Mobility Innovation, Office of Sustainability

Leisa Parham
Manager II
[email protected]
(313) 542-2161

Civil Rights, Inclusion and Opportunity Department(CRIO)

City-Related Agencies

Media Contact Department or Agency
Robin Johnston
(313) 664-5587
[email protected]
Detroit at Work/DESC

Mark K. Lane
(313) 727-5846
[email protected]

Public Lighting Authority
Stephanie Hume
(313) 989-4967
[email protected]
Detroit Land Bank Authority

Lanard Ingram
(313) 303-8869
[email protected]

Detroit Economic Growth Corp.
Ericka Alexander
(313) 475-3614
[email protected]
Detroit People Mover

For media requests regarding any City department not listed above, please contact Media Relations Director John Roach or Deputy Media Relations Director Corey McIsaac.

Updated December 2023