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City of Detroit in partnership with SP GRACE, LLC
will be releasing Round 2 applications for the NOF ARPA Grant! 




The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) was created under the Biden Administration to provide direct relief to Americans, contain COVID-19, and rescue the economy. The Neighborhood Opportunities Funds (NOF) was created 1976 by the Detroit City Council to provide grants for public service programs proposed by nonprofit and neighborhood service organizations. This program provides funds to improve the quality of life of low-income residents in the City of Detroit. 

Neighborhood Opportunity Fund - ARPA or (NOF-ARPA) aims to help fortify and foster sustainability for small grassroots organizations in the City of Detroit, specifically those that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 or provide programming that addresses negative impacts of COVID-19.  The program adopts a two-fold approach:


  1.  Technical Assistance -   A key component of the program is to provide technical assistance, focusing on capacity building and leadership development for small non-profits. High-level technical assistance can be very expensive and therefore unattainable for some small organizations. This program seeks to address that economic barrier and aims to empower these organizations, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate administrative challenges and thrive in the long term. 

  2. Microgrants: Another significant facet of NOF ARPA involves providing microgrants to support the public service programs currently being run by these organizations. This financial support aims to boost organizations' ongoing initiatives, enabling them to continue making a positive impact in their communities and for the City of Detroit’s lower-income residents.

Funding is available for programs that align with the six priorities, which are: Education, Health, Recreation, Public Safety, Seniors, and Mobility & Accessibility. Applicants will be able to request grants from $10,000.00 to $20,000.00.


Download NOF ARPA Informational Packet 2024-2025.pdf (




Eligible organizations include:

  • All nonprofit, tax-exempt community organizations (although all non-profits may apply this fund focuses on smaller non-profits.

Ineligible organizations include:

  • Educational Institutions
  • For-profit business/organizations



  • The organization must have a program component that responds to COVID-19 impacts.
  • The organization must apply and provide the required documentation to receive funding.
  • The organization must have the capacity to comply with the program guidelines.
  • A clearly defined Scope of Work and budget must be submitted and approved.
  • The program goals must be realistic and achievable within the specified time period.
  • Clearly defined performance standards/metrics/outputs and outcomes
  • The program must maximize positive impacts in the community it serves
  • The program addresses a community need
  •  Meets all Threshold Requirements (included in information packet)



  • Education
  • Health
  • Recreation 
  • Public Safety
  • Seniors
  • Mobility & Accessibility




Organizations will be given high level technical assistance through each step of the process. All organizations will have access to attend the pre-application information sessions, group coaching sessions and the opportunity to meet 1:1 with a NOF-ARPA staff to help understand and better prepare to submit a competitive application.  

Moreover, If awarded a grant, beneficiaries will be provided in-depth training and coaching to help elevate and build your organization.


Pre-application Technical Assistance Schedule

Pre-application technical assistance sessions will help organizations understand the full application process, qualifications and eligibility, as well as understanding the proposal writing process.  All awarded organizations will receive continual in-depth technical assistance as beneficiaries once funds are awarded.


 Post-Award Activities (Benefits of Beneficiaries) 

  • Organizations receiving post-award technical assistance will obtain help building their operational, programmatic, financial, and organizational capacity. Training will include continuous improvement strategies toward the creation of a sustainable and effective organization.
  • Technical assistance and training will help organizations discover their specific strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities through 1:1, small group sessions, and large group settings. 
  • Organizations awarded funding will continue to receive technical assistance to build their capacity and knowledge base to apply for other government, corporate, and philanthropic funding opportunities.
  • SP Grace, will focus on Nonprofit board development, community engagement, leadership development and much more! The technical assistance provided through NOF ARPA is well worth over $50,000 and will be free for all beneficiaries. 




NOF ARPA application will open on September 16th, 2024 and close on November 15th, 2024. We encourage all eligible organization to apply early!



All applications will be available on Submittable an online application portal. Paper applications are not accepted. 

PLEASE NOTE: All NOF ARPA applications must be prepared and submitted online via our partner organization SP Grace, LLC.    

For more information on the NOF / ARPA Grant please contact:
Tamra Fountaine Hardy ([email protected]) - Director, Neighborhood Services and Economic Development
Asia McHaney  ([email protected].) - NOF ARPA Program Manager




Many Round one Beneficiaries have already begun their programs and expanded their reach through NOF ARPA grant and technical assistance. Take a look at some of their progress below! 



Sistah's Reachin Out (SRO) 

 Sistahs Reachin’ Out (SRO), the Career and College Access Center (CACAC) is a community resource that offers:

  1. Expanded Broadband access via free HSI connectivity,
  2. Open access to a fully equipped, 22-workstation computer lab and
  3. Certified training in the use of digital technologies and devices (Microsoft Office, emailing, virtual meeting conferencing, cloud storage and social media)

Thier goal is to upskill both student and adult learners in our Detroit community toward equally preparing them to access transformative educational and employment opportunities. Take a look at one of their recent opportunities and collaborations with another City of Detroit department. 


Demystify AI -
SISTAH'S REACH OUT - Round 1 Beneficiary







EITI conducted intensive essential (soft) skill and financial literacy training for roughly 50 residents who live in District 3. Through intensive essential development, EITI educates residents on the following skills that assist in job attainment and retention: Communication strategies, dressing for success, interpersonal skill development, networking, self-awareness, goal setting, problem solving, teamwork, diversity and inclusion. Take a look a look at the video of their most recent training that was supported through the NOF ARPA grant fund.