About HRD

Mission Statement

The mission of the Housing and Revitalization Department (HRD) is to finance, underwrite, and administer housing and community investments that enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Detroit. Through HRD and the City’s partners in housing, including the Detroit Housing Commission, the City of Detroit is committed to ensuring that every Detroiter has access to safe, decent, and affordable housing. HRD directs the strategy, deployment, and management of the City’s housing policy and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development entitlement funding. HRD makes strategic investments in the City’s existing housing stock and new development to ensure long-term population and physical growth of Detroit.


HRD works toward the following goals:

  1. Increase multifamily housing production (new and rehabilitated housing).
  2. Transform neighborhood commercial districts with mixed-use housing.
  3. Preserve both expiring affordable housing and historic housing resources.
  4. Invest in public facilities and infrastructure (including open space, green infrastructure, and streetscapes) that support neighborhood development.
  5. Retain current Detroiters and attract new residents, including immigrant communities.
  6. Invest in the service providers and housing designed to end homelessness.
  7. Partner with the independent Detroit Housing Commission on multifamily housing development, preservation, and rental assistance.

The Housing and Revitalization Department works across several divisions.

Housing & Revitalization Department Organizational Chart