Election Information

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The Department of Elections is responsible for planning, monitoring and administering all elections in Detroit. The Department is headed by the Election Commission made up of the City Clerk, who is the chairperson, along with the City Council president and the Corporation Counsel.


The commission is responsible for:

  • Supervising all elections in the city
  • Providing places for citizens to vote
  • Providing ballots for voting devices
  • Preventing fraud and corruption in registration, voting or the counting of votes
  • Purging the registration records of individuals who are not qualified voters
  • Revising boundaries of election precincts so that the number of voters in each precinct does not conflict with Michigan law
  • Appointing qualified election officers for each election
  • Prosecuting anyone believed guilty of violation of election laws
  • Voter registrations and transfers


The City Clerk is the Chief Elections Officer for the city and is responsible for voter registration in Detroit.