Nature Pockets Program

Nature Pockets are coming to a park near you! In an effort to increase nature access to Detroit residents, the City of Detroit is creating Nature Pockets in seven parks across the city – one in each city council district. A Nature Pocket may include added tree canopy, a wildflower meadow, or a raingarden. The City of Detroit is working in partnership with the Greening of Detroit and Detroit Outdoors with grant funding from the National Recreation and Park Association.


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The City is currently collecting community feedback about Nature Pockets. Construction will begin later in 2023. Sites were selected based on guidance from a Community Advisory Committee, feedback gathered from a community open house, and an equity matrix that took into account current nature access in Detroit.


Nature Pocket Sites


Stoepel No. 1 Park

Potential woodland or wildflower prairie with focal point. Interpretive signage and benches at walk convergence. Woodland to improve screening from Evergreen Rd.








Sawyer Park

Wildflower prairie with trees. Keep wall open for view of mural.








Jayne Field

Tree planting for future use by library patrons. Maintain lawn buffer along Conant St. 








Skinner Park

Wildflower prairie - utilize existing steps as design element, incorporate some trees for shade.








 Bishop Park

Meadow or woodland between ballfields.








Romanowski Park

 Existing lawn bioswale upgrade with storm water wetland seed mix and plantings.








Littlefield Park 

Woodland or wildflower prairie.







Nature Pocket typology examples


Wildflower Meadow

Wildflower meadow at Callahan Park with a bench and mini library



Raingarden at Viola Liuzzo park

Trees with meadow

Trees and flowers in a meadow