Bristol Park

Have you ever wondered how Bristol park came to be inside a community housing development? In the early 1970s the Elmwood Neighborhood was reborn through an urban renewal program of planned neighborhoods.  The resulting greenspace was named for Vollington Bristol a successful business owner and staunch community activist who stood his ground against racial injustice.   

Bristol park is a 3.2 acre neighborhood park surrounded by the Ralph Bunche Cooperative housing complex. The park currently features a walking path as part of the Joseph Campau Greenway.

The City of Detroit Parks and Recreation Division (DPRD) recently received funding for improvements at Bristol Park.  This summer DPRD will be conducting community engagement to hear what amenities would best serve local residents and families.

After a survey and several community meetings (presentations available below), community consensus was achieved and resulted in the following park design to be under construction in early spring of 2023.


Bristol Park - Final Design Plan: Nature exploration area, Outdoor fitness area, Additional seating, Additional tree plantings, Remove tall shrubs and replace with shorter, less dense plantings, Adjust basketball court location, No trespassing signage at walkways, Added walkways to form a loop. *Additional items not shown: trash receptacles, bike racks, signage, park sign, possible sail shade and power pedestal if budget remains.


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Past presentations:

Community Meeting #1

Community Meeting #2

Community Meeting #3


Juliana Fulton - Deputy Chief Parks Planner

[email protected]

Arianna Zannetti - Landscape Architect

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