Regional Training Center

Walter P. Harris Regional Training Center

Our Mission is to ignite the potential within every Firefighter, EMS professional, and Emergency Responder. We foster growth, knowledge, and unity among Detroit Fire Department members, city agencies, and our community. Together, we create a safer Detroit.

      Welcome to the Detroit Fire Department Training Division, a hub of excellence dedicated to Walter P. Harris in 2016. Our Detroit Regional Training Center, situated at 10200 Erwin in Detroit, Michigan 48204, is where our firefighters and EMS professionals receive the finest training.

      Under the leadership of Chief Alfie Green and our expert staff, we are committed providing essential training programs that safeguard the city of Detroit. Our comprehensive offerings encompass New Recruit Training, In-Service Training, Emergency Vehicle Operators Course, Emergency Medical Technician Training, Live Fire Training, and more. Our facility has cutting-edge technology and training props, ensuring our dedicated professionals receive the most advanced training. We are devoted to fostering proficiency among our team, ultimately enhancing the safety of Detroit and its residents. You will find 11 classrooms, 1 EMS Skills Lab, and an Outdoor Training Section within our facility. Each classroom has the latest electronic audio-visual equipment and training aids, creating an ideal environment for lectures and hands-on training. Our comprehensive training includes Firefighter 1 & 2, Fire Instructor, and Fire Officer Training.

      Additionally, our EMS Skills Lab is equipped with lifelike mannequins, advanced medical equipment, and simulated scenarios, meeting the rigorous standards of the NREMT and the State of Michigan. In our Outdoor Training Section, firefighters gain invaluable experience in firefighting and rescue operations in a supervised and safe setting. Our training options include the Automobile Live Fire Trainer, BLEVE Fire Trainer, FireVent Mobile Training Station, HAZMAT Scenario Trainer, and more. We offer a spacious cafeteria/break area accommodating over 50 people to energize and refresh our dedicated professionals. Amenities include a refrigerator, microwave oven, sink, and water cooler.


Please Note: That all training evolutions on our grounds must be reserved and are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. We are proud to be a vital resource for the Detroit Fire Department and our community, equipping our heroes with the skills and knowledge needed to protect and serve Detroit with the highest level of excellence.

Join us in building a safer Detroit together!