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Detroit is home to the nation's largest and safest demolition program. Since 2014, it has taken down over 20,000 vacant buildings in Detroit neighborhoods. Voters approved Proposal N for Neighborhoods, a $250M comprehensive plan to address vacant houses in Detroit through preservation or demolition. As a result, the Demolition Department is tasked with demolishing an additional 8,000 blighted homes and preserving 6,000 blighted homes for future renovation and sale, improving the safety, value and health of our neighborhoods.


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Proposal N

On the November 3rd ballot, Detroit residents approved Proposal N for Neighborhoods, a comprehensive plan to address 14,000 vacant houses in Detroit through rehabilitation or demolition. Proposal N allows the City of Detroit to sell $250 million in Neighborhood Improvement Bonds.



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Proposal N creates opportunity for Detroit’s returning citizens

More than half of Proposal N’s first $70M in contracts awarded to Black-owned, Detroit-based businesses

Vacant Cadillac Stamping Plant being demolished to clear way for new industrial facility; Detroiters being prioritized to fill 450 jobs cre