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Style Guide

One city, for all of us

These brand guidelines help provide a template for departments to create their own messaging material with the City’s voice and consistency. This will make it easier for our constituents to identify City communications and ensure brand cohesion. Below are approved and official assets to be used for any official city of Detroit materials.



Color Palette City of Detroit



The font used throughout the city website.


The font used in some print material.

Roboto Condensed

The font used for data tables, forms, and spreadsheets.



Web Icons

Icons that are mostly used in website "call to action" buttons.


Icons that are mostly used in printed media.


Traffic and transit icons.


City of Detroit Flickr

This links to the City of Detroit's Flickr account which contains an array of high-quality images taken at events around the city.

Other City of Detroit Images

This links to a folder that contains various images taken throughout the city used on Theneighborhoods.org and elsewhere.

Powerpoint Template