Digital Inclusion & Equity

Bridging the digital divide.

Detroit recognizes that persistent access barriers to universal availability, affordability and adoption are public domain concerns. Relying on private industry solutions to address these critical public needs alone has only delayed the development of effective solutions and exacerbated inequalities. Solutions to these insidious inequities will require informed public policies coupled with targeted public investments. 

Detroit will use public funding, to support public investment, and create an Open Fiber Network. 


Policy Statement for Digital Access Policy and Strategic Infrastructure Plan

In pursuit of digital access equity, the policy of Detroit is:

  • Focus on universal access and affordability for all Detroiters over all other digital access concerns. 
  • Focus on elimination (cure) over amelioration (treatment) of root causes, favoring the use of public funding on investments in long term sustainable capital solutions, such as publicly owned digital access infrastructure, rather than short term unsustainable solutions, such as public subsidies made to private service providers. 
  • Create local value for Detroit.
  • Leverage existing investments and institutions for support. 
  • Use the infrastructure as a platform for equity and innovation. 







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