Boiler Inspection Team

The Boiler Inspection Team of the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department (BSEED) Construction Division is responsible for enforcing the City of Detroit Ordinance Chapter 8, Article 4 Mechancial Code  which regulates the safe design, construction, installation, alteration, repair, inspection, testing, maintenance, and licensing of boilers, pressure vessels and appurtenances. Also inspect the adherence to the City of Detroit Ordinance Chapter 8, Article 4 - Mechanical Code (Boilers - Pressure vessels & stationary engineering licenses).

This team is also responsible for evaluating documents to determine if a permit will be required to perform the requested repairs and installations. Another duty of the Boiler Unit is to approve qualified companies and technicians to complete the specified tasks.


Boiler License Information

Boiler and Pressure Vessel  Certification

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Certifications are required by various authorities, including: Detroit Public Schools, Detroit Charter Schools, Adult Foster Care Nursing Homes, Senior Housing, Head Start & Pre-School Programs, Hospital Insurance & Industrial Insurance. Please contact the Boiler Division for more information.