Dexter-Elmhurst Recreation Facility

Dexter-Elmhurst Recreation Center & New Park


The City purchased the Helen Moore Center, and has plans to renovate it as a City Recreation Center, and create a park and parking area.

Construction starts Spring 2024 and the renovation budget is $8.5M.

Construction coming in early 2024


Thank you to all those who attended a community meeting or provided input on the future rec center and park design.  More details on the final designs can be found in the presentation "Community Meeting #3" linked below.

Dexter-Elmhurst Center Rendering


Dexter-Elmhurst Park Rendering


Past presentations:

Community Meeting #1 - Prioritizing amenities

Community Meeting #2 - Draft plan for review

Community Meeting #3 - Final Rec Center & Park Plans



Juliana Fulton - Deputy Chief Parks Planner

[email protected]

Debbie Machnak - Project Manager

[email protected]