If you are a general contractor or subcontractor we encourage you to apply to our program, grow your business, help decrease blight, build density,  strengthen neighborhoods and improve the quality of life for our Delray neighbors. 

Minimum Qualifications for General Contractors (refer to bid for all of the qualifications)

  1. Capability to meet Worker's Compensation, Employer's Liability, and Commercial General Liability insurance, as prescribed by the City of Detroit's Office of Contracting and Procurement.
  2. Capability to obtain approved affidavits from the City of Detroit's Income Tax Division, Revenue Collections Division and Human Rights Department, as prescribed by the City of Detroit's Office of Contracting and Procurement. At a minimum, firms must provide evidence of each clearance having been submitted by the time of the RFQQ submission. 
  3. A current State of Michigan Builder's License in either the owner's name/address or in the company's name/address.
  4. The Bridging Neighborhoods Program requires participating contractors to be Lead Aware. Attach signed affidavit of compliance. To verify that the contractor has undertaken appropriate education for awareness of safe practices this program requires the following: 1. The business owner is EPA Lead Certified (include certification in response) 2. The site supervision when managing lead-containing materials is OSHA 10 Certified (include certification in response).
  5. The standard for acceptance is three years of company experience in residential rehabilitation construction that include at least 2 projects totaling revenue of $75K or greater annually. Experience must specifically include extensive renovations on single-family residences.
  6. Provide references for each project described; negative recommendations will result in non-qualification.
  7. For firms that cannot meet this requirement but can demonstrate substantial experience with extensive renovation single-family residences, the CIty of Detroit reserves the right to request interviews with respondents to determine if this qualification is met.
  8. Provide a letter that states your ability to secure construction and warranty bonding both single and aggregate amounts. To be qualified for this project you must have the ability to secure a minimum of $100,000 per house from your bonding company.
  9. Submission of the prior three years of company certified financials or tax returns.
  10. Submission of a Company Litigation Statement. The statement must be notarized and signed by company owner disclosing number of incidences of litigation, including a brief description of each the company has had since 2013. If the company has not been involved in any litigation, the submission should state this. The City of Detroit reserves the right to reject qualification based on type of severity of litigation at their discretion. The City of Detroit reserves the right to request interviews with respondents to determine if there are extenuating circumstances.
  11. Submission of a Program Compliance Statement, indicating the company's willingness to adhere to forthcoming procedures and policies as determined by the Program.
  12. Submission of a completed Staff Information and Experience Roster.
  13. Submission of company's project manager and site superintendent resumes, at a minimum.

Bridging Neighborhoods Construction Quality Standards

Comply with

  • 2015 Michigan Residential Code
  • 2015 Michigan Rehabilitation Code
  • 2015 Michigan Energy Code
  • Safety & Security
  • All General Contractors are responsible for Safety and Security of home and all of its contents until final turnover at closing
  • General Contractor responsible for safe lead practices by his staff and subcontractors
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