City announces plans to resurface 93 miles of roads in 2020 using new safe work protocols

  • Work to take place along major roads and in neighborhoods across the city
  • Covid-19 Safe Workplace Protocols in place for all onsite workers
  • City and contracted projects required to include employ 51% Detroiters

The City of Detroit has begun its first road improvement program in the era of COVID-19, with plans to repave 93 miles of major roads and residential side streets, all under strict work safety rules announced three weeks ago by Mayor Mike Duggan.


DPW Paving 1
Street Paving on Spinoza & Orangelawn


This year, city workers and contracted work crews will resurface 44 miles of major thoroughfares and 49 miles of local roads, while one city bridge will be rehabilitated. Work this year also will include construction on five separate streetscape projects that have been designed to beautify and enhance those commercial corridors.

In all cases, safe workplace protocols have been put in place to ensure that the safety of city and contracted employees and the public is maintained. All road construction workers on these projects will: (1) have taken and passed a Covid-19 test, (2) wear face masks and social distance when on the worksite, and (3) have their temperatures taken daily and be screened for symptoms of the coronavirus.

“This is part of how we are reopening as a city,” said Mayor Duggan. “We already know that our police officers, firefighters, medics and bus drivers have a lower COVID-19 infection rate than individuals remaining largely at home. We have demonstrated that we can continue the important work of city government and keep employee safe by using our strict medical protocols.”

All work sites will be regularly monitored by Department of Public Works (DPW) supervision to ensure all employees have the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to perform their jobs safely, efficiently, and in compliance with the city’s new safe workplace protocols.

The city will also continue its practice of requiring the majority of work on construction projects be performed by Detroit residents. While residential street resurfacing is done by city workers, the paving of major thoroughfares is performed by contractors that are required to have at least 51% of all work done by Detroit residents. Last year, contracted city road construction projects overall achieved 51.1%.


DPW Paving 2
Street Paving on Rohns Street between Mack Ave and Warren


“This administration remains committed to providing jobs for Detroit residents. These road construction contracts will create additional opportunities for our citizens, while providing needed repairs to our infrastructure,” said DPW director Ron Brundidge.

Some of the major thoroughfares planned for improvements this year include segments of Conner, Wyoming, E. Lafayette, Hubbell, Burt, and Joy Road. Work is already underway on some projects and, weather permitting, the construction season will continue through December.

In addition to the resurfacing of 93 miles of roads, the city will revitalize five commercial corridors this year, which in most cases will include the addition of new wider sidewalks for café seating, landscaping, improved lighting, separated bike paths, as well as the roadway receiving new pavement. Those locations are:

  1. Kercheval, from E Grand Blvd to Parker
  2. McNichols, from Greenlawn to Livernois
  3. Conant, from Davison to Carpenter
  4. Rosa Parks, from Clairmount to W Grand Blvd
  5. Grand Parklet, Corner of Puritan/Plainview/Grand River

“The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in this year’s roads program being one of the most important in recent years,” Brundidge said. "Needed improvements will be made to the infrastructure, while the return of employees to work will have a positive impact on the economy, and work in a safe manner that shows that steps continue to be taken to return to a sense of pre-Covid normalcy."

Funding for these projects will come from a combination of federal and state transportation funds, as well as road bond funds approved in 2017.

Below is a map of the 2020 road construction, photos, as well as a complete list of planned road repairs by City Council District. For additional information visit the City’s website at


2020 Road Construction Map
2020 Road Construction Map



District Street From To
District 1 Annchester Vassar 7 Mile
District 1 Blackstone Trojan 7 Mile
District 1 Burt I-96 Plymouth
District 1 Curtis Berg Redfern
District 1 Eaton Rosemont Southfield Fwy
District 1 Evergreen McNichols Clarita
District 1 Florence Greenfield Rutherford
District 1 Glendale Mansfield St Marys
District 1 Glendale Asbury Park Grandmont
District 1 Greenview Pembroke 7 Mile
District 1 Grove Woodbine Telegraph
District 1 Grove Wormer Five Points
District 1 Hubbell McNichols Grand River
District 1 Huntington 7 Mile Cambridge
District 1 N Southfield Service Drive Plymouth Schoolcraft
District 1 Patton 7 Mile Pembroke
District 1 Patton Kendall Lyndon
District 1 Pembroke Bentler Burt
District 1 Pickford Bentler Dead End (E)
District 1 Pierson Outer Drive Acacia
District 1 Plainview Hessel 8 Mile
District 1 Puritan Southfield Fwy Greenfield
District 1 Redford Lahser Grand River
District 1 Rosemont Hessel Pembroke
District 1 Stahelin 7 Mile Vassar
District 1 Stout 7 Mile Clarita
District 1 Stout Pembroke Vassar
District 1 Sunderland Saint Martins 7 Mile
District 1 Trinity Fargo 8 Mile
District 1 Vassar Burgess Chapel
District 1 Vassar Southfield Fwy Glastonbury
District 1 Verne Archdale Harlow
District 1 Westbrook 7 Mile Cambridge
District 1 Whitcomb Schoolcraft Fullerton
District 2 Appoline Fenkell Pilgrim
District 2 Buena Vista Lawton Linwood
District 2 Chalfonte Livernois Wyoming
District 2 Chalfonte Meyers Steel
District 2 Fargo Lindsay Oakfield
District 2 Greenlawn Chalfonte Eaton
District 2 Griggs Fenkell Lyndon
District 2 Grove Mendota Washburn
District 2 Lindsay 8 Mile Pembroke
District 2 Linwood Fenkell W Davison
District 2 Littlefield Fenkell Eaton
District 2 Lyndon Livernois Wyoming
District 2 McNichols Livernois Wyoming
District 2 Mendota Santa Clara Santa Maria
District 2 Minnesota John R Brush
District 2 Monte Vista Fenkell Dead End (S)
District 2 Roselawn Chalfonte Lyndon
District 2 S James Couzens Fwy Keeler Vassar
District 2 Savannah Brush John R
District 2 Schaefer Hwy 7 Mile W Outer Dr
District 2 Schaefer Hwy Lyndon Chicago
District 2 Snowden Dead End (S) 6 Mile
District 2 St Martins Murray Hill St. Greefield Rd.
District 2 Trojan Gilchrist Bitmore
District 2 Ward Pilgrim Fenkell
District 2 Washburn Fenkell Lyndon
District 2 Wisconsin Chalfonte Lyndon
District 2 Wyoming 8 Mile McNichols
District 3 Badger Van Dyke Erwin
District 3 Cardoni 8 Mile Lantz
District 3 Carpenter Dequindre Conant
District 3 Conant Carpenter Davison
District 3 Concord 7 Mile Outer Drive
District 3 Coventry State Fair Emery
District 3 Curt Maxwell Van Dyke
District 3 Fairport 7 Mile Grenier
District 3 Hollywood Walter P Chrysler Fwy Omira
District 3 Irvington 8 Mile State Fair
District 3 Joseph Campau E Davison Fwy Carpenter
District 3 Moenart Rowley Desner
District 3 Novara Kelly Redmond
District 3 Pressler Van Dyke Maxwell
District 3 Rowley Moenart Bloom
District 3 Saratoga Schoenherr Reno
District 3 Sherwood 7 Mile Nevada
District 3 Strasburg 7 Mile Linnhurst
District 3 Traverse McClellan Erwin
District 3 Waltham 7 Mile McNichols
District 4 Alma Laurel Grover
District 4 Cadillac Edsel Ford Fwy Mack
District 4 Cadillac Mack Jefferson
District 4 Celestine 7 Mile Eastwood
District 4 Conner Mack Warren
District 4 Glenwood Reno Hayes
District 4 Hayes I-94 State Fair
District 4 Kercheval Mount Elliott Saint Jean
District 4 Lillibridge Warren Mack
District 4 Pennsylvania Gratiot Edsel Ford Fwy
District 5 15th Warren Edsel Ford Fwy
District 5 Belmont John R Oakland
District 5 Cameron Lynn Westminster
District 5 Cardoni Dead End (S) Caniff
District 5 Chene Ct Chene Dead End (W)
District 5 E Lafayette I-375 Mount Elliott
District 5 E Lafayette Mount Elliott Iroquois
District 5 E Vernor Gratiot Mount Elliott
District 5 Goodwin Westminster Dead End (N)
District 5 Harmon Brush Oakland
District 5 Jay Gratiot Orleans
District 5 Kenilworth Woodward Oakland
District 5 Lorraine Grand River Edsel Ford Fwy
District 5 McDougall Jefferson Talon Center Dr.
District 5 N John C Lodge Fwy Euclid Chicago
District 5 Orleans Antietam Dead End (N)
District 5 Owen Woodward Oakland
District 5 Rivard Antietam Jefferson
District 5 Rohns Mack Warren
District 5 Rosa Parks W Grand Blvd Clairmount
District 5 Russell Warren Canfield
District 5 S John C Lodge Fwy Pallister W Grand
District 5 Stanton Grand River Edsel Ford Fwy
District 5 Trowbridge Woodward Oakland
District 5 W Grand Blvd Grand River Linwood
District 5 Woodland Woodward Oakland
District 5 Woodrow Wilson Elmhurst Webb
District 6 18th Hancock Magnolia
District 6 1st Grand River Michigan
District 6 23rd Fort W Jefferson
District 6 24th W Jefferson Dead End (S)
District 6 6th Fort Michigan Ave
District 6 8th Lafayette Fort
District 6 Adams Brush Grandn River
District 6 Annabelle Omaha Schaefer
District 6 Ash 14th Wabash
District 6 Bagley 21st Trumbull
District 6 Beechton Livernois Warren
District 6 Brainard 3rd Dead End (W)
District 6 Cherry Rosa Parks Cochrane
District 6 Clark W Lafayette Michigan Ave
District 6 Clark Ct Scotten Fairbanks
District 6 Clippert Clayton Michigan Ave
District 6 Cochrane Michigan Ave Fisher Fwy
District 6 E Edsel Ford Fwy Trumbull S John C Lodge Fwy
District 6 Edsel Visger Schaefer
District 6 Edsel Ford Fwy Larkins Braden
District 6 Federal Military Livernois
District 6 Firwood Tireman Allendale
District 6 Firwood Allendale Vancouver
District 6 Francis Electric Edsel
District 6 Garfield Woodward John R
District 6 Gilroy Deacon Beatrice
District 6 Gleason Electric Edsel
District 6 Gleason Electric Bassett
District 6 Hazel Wabash Vermont
District 6 Holmes McDonald Dead End W
District 6 Horatio Martin Cecil
District 6 Humboldt Selden Magnolia
District 6 Joy Dexter Livernois
District 6 Kirby N John C Lodge Fwy Anthony Wayne
District 6 Lawndale Woodmere Dead End (N)
District 6 McGraw Ford Lonyo
District 6 Melvin Bassett Alley (City Limit)
District 6 Miami S Fort Electric
District 6 Miami Electric Annabelle
District 6 Military Plumer Federal
District 6 Military Toledo Cadet
District 6 N John C Lodge Fwy Fort 50' N of Abbott
District 6 N John C Lodge Fwy Warren Kirby
District 6 Panama Cecil Tarnow
District 6 Panama Florida Springwells
District 6 Patricia Pleasant Gilroy
District 6 Porter Clark Lansing
District 6 S John C Lodge Fwy E Edsel Ford Fwy Martin Luther
District 6 Sarena MacDonald Central
District 6 Scotten W Lafayette Toledo
District 6 Selden Vermont 14th
District 6 Torrey 28th Scotten
District 6 W Forest 16th 18th
District 6 W Jefferson 23rd W Grand Blvd
District 6 Waring W Outer Dr Peters
District 6 Western Dix Dead End (N)
District 6 Wheeler MacDonald Central
District 6 Woodmere Dix Richard
District 7 Artesian W Warren Paul
District 7 Asbury Park Joy Ellis
District 7 Ashton Paul Dayton
District 7 Auburn Whitlock Dead End (S)
District 7 Belton Trinity Pierson
District 7 Belton Grandville Piedmont
District 7 Belton Stahelin Greenview
District 7 Beverly Ct Grand River Joy
District 7 Burlingame Ostego Petosky
District 7 Cathedral Southfield Fwy Archdale
District 7 Cloverdale Eaton Lyndon
District 7 Cloverlawn Schoolcraft Dead End (N)
District 7 Constance Vaughan Faust
District 7 Constance Penrod Southfield Fwy
District 7 Dover Rutland Southfield Fwy
District 7 Elmira Beaverland 100' ft W/Alley
District 7 Hubbell Tireman Fullerton
District 7 Intervale Wyoming Cloverlawn
District 7 Kirkwood Piedmont Penrod
District 7 Lauder Ellis Joy
District 7 Lauder Westfield Chicago
District 7 Leslie Dexter Livernois
District 7 Longacre Chicago Dead End (S)
District 7 Mansfield Tireman Dead End (N)
District 7 Marlowe Ellis Tireman
District 7 Memorial Chicago Dead End (S)
District 7 Mettetal Cathedral Ellis
District 7 Mettetal Tireman Dead End (N)
District 7 Minock Paul Dead End (S)
District 7 N Southfield Service Drive Paul Joy
District 7 Northlawn Schoolcraft Davison
District 7 Ohio Intervale Davison
District 7 Orangelawn Hubbell Mark Twain (Dead End)
District 7 Paul Stahelin Evergreen
District 7 Petoskey Webb W Boston Blvd
District 7 Piedmont Sawyer Dayton
District 7 Plainview W Chicago Dover
District 7 Prairie Chalfonte Lyndon
District 7 Rosemont Sawyer Dayton
District 7 Rutland Chicago Dead End (S)
District 7 Rutland Warren Alley North Of Warren
District 7 Saint Marys Dead End (N) Tireman
District 7 Saint Marys Joy Cathedral
District 7 Santa Rosa Lyndon Chalfonte
District 7 Sawyer Stout Pierson
District 7 Spinoza Dr Sawyer Orangelawn
District 7 Stahelin W Warren Ford
District 7 Sussex Chicago Joy
District 7 Terry Joy Tireman
District 7 Tireman Burt M-39
District 7 Van Buren Southfield Warwick
District 7 Wadsworth Vaughan Westwood
District 7 Wadsworth Coyle Sussex
District 7 Warwick W Warren Dead End (S)
District 7 Washburn Intervale Kendall
District 7 Westfield Warwick Stahelin
District 7 Westfield Rutland Memorial
District 7 Whitlock Piedmont Warwick
District 7 Whitlock Artesian Stahelin
District 7 Whitlock Plainview Evergreen
District 7 Winthrop Ellis Westfield
District 7 Wisconsin Chicago Westfield