DWSD Unplanned Full Lead Service Line Replacement Program

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) is committed to providing the cleanest, safest water in the nation. The Detroit water supply meets or surpasses the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. In order to continue to improve water service delivery, DWSD is replacing lead service lines through a pilot program.

Funded by the Sate of Michigan, DWSD is replacing lead service lines it has encountered during previous maintenance work near residential properties. This includes when there was a water main break on a block and while doing work, a DWSD crew discovered there is a lead service line going to the house or houses. This unplanned program allows DWSD the funds to return to the properties to replace the lead service lines, with property owner/occupant approval, which is the pipe from the water main to the meter inside the house.

Residents Who Qualify

If your property is on the list for this unplanned full lead service line replacement program, you will be contacted by DWSD staff and/or contractor – if you have not been already – to verify you meet the criteria to have a lead service line replaced with copper free of charge through this one-year program. DWSD will need to confirm the service line material and also inspect your water meter.

If you are unreachable after three attempts, DWSD and its contractor will likely not replace the lead service line – if you have one – under this program. In this case, your water service may be interrupted. A new State of Michigan regulation through a revised Lead & Copper Rule requires water utilities, including DWSD, to replace lead service lines when we encounter them. Since keeping your lead service line violates state law, your water service may be interrupted if the pipe is not replaced. Please call DWSD Lead Program at (313) 964-9300 if you have been contacted about this program.


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