Cash Rewards For Tips To Get Detroiters Justice

About Rewards TV

The purpose of Rewards TV is simply to empower our community to report criminal activity. The website and television program both focus on major crimes and provide financial incentives to community members who speak up. The show will feature the victim’s family members, detective interviews, and exclusive surveillance video that will help solve the case.

Cash Reward Guidelines

To be eligible for a Detroit Rewards TV cash reward, a tip must be received through the Crime Stoppers 1-800-SPEAK UP (1-800-773-2587) hotline, web, or text message. These forms of communication are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

When a tipster calls this number they are given a secret identification number only known by the tipster and the Call Center.  The tipster is advised not to share this number with anyone other than the call Center dispatcher or staff members from Crime Stoppers.

Tipsters are also asked by the Call Center dispatcher if they provided this information to law enforcement. If the tipster answers this question with a yes it will be noted on the tip sheets and the tipster will be advised to call staff members from Crime Stoppers for an update. Crime Stoppers staff members will advise all tipsters concerning the status and their eligibility for a reward based on their tip information.

Tipsters are only eligible for a reward if:

  1. They provide this information first to Detroit Rewards TV and not Law Enforcement.
  2. Their tip must move the case forward

When a Crime Stopper staff members receive a disposition sheet from the law enforcement agency/department indicating that the tip they reviewed led to either of the above requirements then a reward may be justified unless the tipster provided this information to Law Enforcement first.

If a reward is granted by members of the Detroit Rewards TV Selection Committee the tipster will call utilizing their secret number to be guided on the retrieving of their reward.