These permits are available and have been updated as a part of our COVID-19 regulatory process

Please note that due to limited staff availability, permits from larger organizations and park partners will be prioritized and extended response times may be necessary.

Event + Programming Application
Athletic Field Application
Historic Fort Wayne Event & Programming Interest Form
Vendor Permit Application



  1. Review the City of Detroit Reopening Checklist
  2. Select the permit that is most appropriate for event type
  3. Develop event/program plan required for permit
  4. Submit permit and plan for City review 
  5. Permitting Department reviews and routes to Health Department
  6. Health Department reviews and either:
    • Signs off and returns to Permitting Department OR
    • Flags plan for a 15-minute plan review teleconference
    • Requestor updates plans and resubmits for Health Department sign off or rejection
    • Permit approved within 21 days or rejected (if it’s rejected this is the last step)
  7. Deposit collected with approved permit
  8. Within 72 hours of the event, organizer provides Permitting Department with attendance list in order to receive deposit back