Riverside Park

A 29-acre park on Detroit's southwest riverfront, at the foot of West Grand Boulevard and west of the Ambassador Bridge

In 2015 the City created a new master plan for the park and began an extensive renovation project of the entire park.   

The first phase of construction was on the Northeast section of the park on West Jefferson, completed in 2018.  This area is about six acres, three of which were added to the park, this includes a new softball diamond, soccer field, picnic shelter, playground, basketball court and toilet facility.  The following year the park was expanded again by an additional three acres on to former city-owned dog pound facility and vacant land, turning the site into parkland with the largest dog park in the city and a 20,000-squarefoot skate park.  In 2020 the southeast section of the park was completed, with a renovated picnic area, boat launch, parking, horseshoe and table tennis game area as well as new riverwalk.  In addition to all these renovations extensive environmental remediation has taken place, to ensure that the park is safe for all future users.