Proposal N

Preserving Houses. Removing Blight. Building Value.

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Detroiters spoke and we listened. Through dialogue with hundreds of residents and community groups, we understand that the preservation of Detroit’s homes is equally as important as demolishing the homes that are beyond repair.

On the November 3 ballot, Detroit residents will get a chance to consider Proposal N for Neighborhoods, a comprehensive plan to address 16,000 vacant houses in Detroit through rehabilitation or demolition. If approved by voters, Proposal N would allow the City of Detroit to sell $250 million in Neighborhood Improvement Bonds. This plan would preserve and renovate 8,000 homes and remove another 8,000 blighted homes that make our neighborhoods unsafe and lower property values across the city.

Proposal N is a plan by Detroiters and for Detroiters to improve the safety, value, and health of our neighborhoods. How?

Priority 1: Save every home we can.
We will work to preserve the 8,000 homes we have identified to ensure they can be protected, re-enforced, and eventually sold to a deserving Detroiter.

Priority 2: Jobs for Detroiters
Partnering with City Council, we will prioritize contracts with demolition and preservation companies headquartered in Detroit and companies that hire Detroiters.

Priority 3: Housing for Detroiters
This plan gives preference to Detroiters who want to acquire homes or lots in their neighborhoods. Additionally, we will partner with Detroit community development organizations to acquire, rehab, and sell properties in the neighborhoods they know and serve.

Priority 4: Extend the Impact
These bonds will be leveraged to pursue additional neighborhood improvement funding. This includes affordable housing, solid waste, and arts & culture funding to expand our efforts to create safe, beautiful, and walkable neighborhoods.

Priority 5: Accountability
Partnering with the City Council and administered by the newly formed Detroit Demolition Department, our projects will undergo rigorous supervision and oversight to ensure that every house demolished or preserved is done the right way.

Read the closing resolution here.